Everything about SWTOR Patch 5.0 Knights of the Eternal Throne

Everything about SWTOR Patch 5.0 Knights of the Eternal Throne and Beyond Share this:

All you need to know about SWTOR 5.0 and beyond!

This post contains links to all my news, articles and videos about the new SWTOR expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne. It is frequently updated with fresh information. Check it regularly to be sure you aren’t missing anything!


Each one of the collective articles contains information about the update before and after its release. You will find written and video news, updates, overviews, guides and more.

For a full list of all Patch notes for every big or small Game Update, check HERE.


Story Walkthroughs

Here you will find links dedicated to the separate 9 chapters with all sides of the story walkthorughs, cinematic movies and highlights.

Also check out the full “SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne (After Launch)” Playlist on YouTube.

Class Guides 5.0+

All of my guides are updated regularly with every class balancing change and/or introduction of new tier of gear. Currently all guides are updated for Patch 5.2.

Uprisings Guides

Because Bioware released a large number of Uprisings, I have created and published a separate collective post just for them. My detailed written and video Uprisings Guides you will find here: SWTOR Uprisings Guides,

What’s new in 5.0+

Guides, tutorials and overviews of everything that is new or different in Patch 5.0.

News and Updates

Various news and updates from Bioware, posted after the release of the expansion. Ordered by date of publish from old to new.

Video Guides and Tutorials

Most of these videos are included as part of my written guides and tutorials.

SWTOR 5.0 Galactic Command, Command Rank, Command Crates, Dark vs Light Overview      SWTOR 5.0 Fleet Changes: New Terminals, New and Removed Vendors and more SWTOR 5.0 New Drop-Down Toolbar Overview      SWTOR 5.0 KOTET Subscriber Reward and Free lvl 65 Character Token SWTOR Master Ranos, Shade Stalker Runt, Trailblazer Mount and Set | Dark vs Light Rewards Overview                                 

Here is the Full SWTOR Patch 5.0 Guides, Tutorials, News YouTube Playlist


News Posts

Everythging is sorted in chronological order with the oldest update on the TOP and all newest updates are added to the BOTTOM. This should allow you to follow updates while new visitors should quickly learn the news from first to latest easily.\

Developer Blogs

Prior the release of Game Update 5.0 and Knights of the Eternal Throne Bioware published a series of Developer Blogs introducing some of the biggest changes and new features coming to SWTOR this Winter. Here are all the blogs, listed in chronological order from top to bottom – older to newer.

Producer Live Streams

In mos cases the two categories “Developer Blogs” and “Producer Live Streams” will cover the same topics each week. You can choose to read either or both. Order from top to bottom – older to newer.


When and where words are lacking or perhaps just because you might prefer to see and hear the latest news, here is my collection of video previews, overviews and analysis on all the information Bioware shared with us prior to the launch of the expansion. Again, sorting is done from top to bottom – older to newer videos. By clicking on the thumbnail, a new tab will open, this one will remain open, so you can come back to it and check the next video or article.

SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne Release Date, New Features, Subscriber Rewards Program and More      SWTOR Betrayed | What did we learn from the new KOTET Cinematic Trailer SWTOR Galactic Command Overview Producer Live Stream Recap      SWTOR Patch 5.0: Galactic Command updates | Live Stream Archive SWTOR Galactic Command: Dark vs Light Overview      SWTOR 5.0 Galactic Command: Uprisings Overview SWTOR 5.0 Commendations and Weekly Passes Conversions      SWTOR 5.0 Update on EndGame Gear Crafting and Tiers SWTOR Patch 5.0 Class Changes Overview      SWTOR 5.0 Discussion: Command Crates RNG and Companions in KOTET

If you prefer the YouTube layout, check out the Video Playlist there as well.

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  • David Bonny

    stil no builds for saboteur gunslinger how silly is that

    • http://VULKK.com Vulkk

      The guides you see here are my own, mate. I don’t play that discipline of the Slinger, unfortunately. Can’t offer you a guide on it.

  • Zentrex

    Pretty good actually, it’s awesome :D

    • JkJudy

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  • Pai Kat

    They should delet the skilltrees

  • Matthew Stephens

    Sounds awesome! Can’t Wait!

  • katoz ksz

    Excellent report subject with a lot of information that serves as much to learn about the new expasion and also updates informing us that more will follow so

  • Derrick Spam

    Looks really good! I hope they expand this whole Zakuul Family thing. Especially the Vitiate / Valkorion Story … Well but only to the point where I get to become the immortal emperor ! Nahahahahahaha :)

  • Zen

    Now all you need is to convince me to return.. again.. for the 5th time :P

  • Cian

    Looks Good

  • Androgar

    I hope it is good, I haven’t gotten into anything past Shadow of Revan especially since my server is basically dead

  • Keisuke Sato

    Looks good, I just hope they are able to keep up with content this time around.

  • umbramuffins

    So far it’s looking pretty good, I always enjoy level cap increases cus new abilities and gaining xp adds a sense of progression that I enjoy. Supposedly we are getting group content as a team will be dedicating their time to it. Fingers crossed for light sabers pikes!

  • Daniel Bednář

    It looks great :D Vayilin looks more badass and probably she’s powerfull than she was in KotFe, so i am excited :D

  • Juraj

    I hope thing will be good and that there will be stuff to do

  • Majkls

    Thx Vulkk, you have done an amazing job putting all the info in one place. Keep up the great work!

  • Minejust05

    I think KOTET will be awesome.

  • Jay Brady

    Right now I love where the story KOTET is going KOTET was very Arcan based but now we get to see Vaylins side of things and I want to see how it will use Cinematic into the story of what it is about. I also am looking forward you see if any other old companions return

  • Yke van Sprang

    i would love to see where they go with the story its such great story telling i havent been so in a game since mass effect i love it

  • Markus

    If this there is more cinematics and dialogues i would love it. less smashing people and hopefully it nothing like Shadow of Revan

    • http://VULKK.com Vulkk

      My curiosity is poking me to ask :)
      Why SoR? This expansion was not very different compared to Makeb, for example Except that in Makeb we still had small differences in the story and with Revan, it was one and the same. Is that the part that you disliked the most about it?

  • Nick

    As usual the trailer is amazing!!!…but not sure if the new content will be.

  • Jeff Molina

    I really hope Shae Vizla doesn’t look crappy like Nico did for the last expansion

  • http://xLethalic.tumblr.com/ xLethalic

    At first I thought Vaylin was all evil-like, but when I saw the new trailer; Vaylin wasn’t that evil, she was forced by Valkorian. Vaylin is so innocent when she was a child.

  • RandomName

    I’m cautiously optimistic regarding KOTET. I liked the first 9 chapters of KOTFE, but I felt as if the later chapters were a disappointment, so going back to all chapters released at once might help. My only real hope going in is that the story is a bit more unpredictable and interactive, which I guess is two wishes but whatever. I felt as if the story was painfully obvious and shallow, family troubles get boring easily, and the lack of impact one could have really hurt.

    • http://VULKK.com Vulkk

      I 100% share your pain about the lack of possibility to impact the fates of the Family.

  • João Cardoso

    so in a nutshell this looks like a “breather” from the last expansion. bioware wants players to shift their attention from arcaan. while he does what he does based on whatever the player choose in the end of the expansion. and move on to the young sister and her role in the current state of the galaxy. and then arcaan comes back and all hell breaks loose for one last stand off on the next expansion and closure of a chapter in the game. and then possibly a new chapter(time will tell). ok i’ll bite. or watch the streams like i did for current expansion.

  • Darth Maoul


  • ben taylor

    yet again, heavy focus on story, with some additional game mode noone know anything about so far, noone requested it but again it means they disfavouring traditional, proven group content. In my opinion, BW playing double or nothing, as the new things have to be good otherewise the rage reach the sky

  • Pave

    Vaylin being my favorite character, im really looking forward for Knights of the Eternal Throne. So far i have been really liking the “Zakuul/Eternal Empire” storyline, and i dont think this will let me down, atleast storywise.

  • Narik Ashtar

    I am intrigued my that heavy focus on Vaylin. I think that Knights of the Eternal Throne will add much needed depth to not only her, but to several other characters as well. Up until Chapter 16 of Knights of the Fallen Empire, I have only just met them. Even with only some disposition from Senya, Koth, and perhaps other characters, I never truly felt attached to the whole fiasco, but I also believed that there was more going on than I was lead to believe. Chapter 16 felt very empty in terms of resolve, but that is a telltale sign that there is so much more to come. I was the opposite of disappointed. It is clear to me that this is a story that will go on for quite some time, that even the whole of KotFE barely scratched the surface.

    I can’t wait to see what Vaylin has in store for us, and how she has developed as a character. Or rather, how she will develop. Even though KotET may not offer us as much content as some of us hope, or anything that marginally separates it from the first season, I still think that this will feel like a new experience, almost as if I am playing a new game. At least in terms of story; one of my favorite things about Star Wars: The Old Republic.

  • Kori Wagner

    Kotet seems interesting I’m finally going to have my throne but I’m not sure about the gameplay mechanics changing I just hope my sorcerer doesn’t actually get nerfed

  • HollowClown

    Kind of excited about KotET, although I would’ve like them to concentrate on group content more. So far I’ve enjoyed the story and I’m looking forward to seeing how they will wrap it all up (hopefully not red, green and blue endings). Blur cinematics looks, as always, absolutely brilliant. Now if only the game were like this.

  • hayaface13

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of vaylin as she was mostly arcanns servant in kotfe. I’m curious to see if she would try a different approach against the alliance…

  • RldMekg

    I’m excited for KoTET but I have a feeling it won’t be much different than KoTFE in terms of hallway gameplay and not much replayability. I’m still going to be subscribed though, since I enjoyed KoTFE. I’m really hoping the group content they’re working on isn’t just another Star Fortress-type thing.

  • Arc

    This has been the first time that I have been extremely hyped for an expansion is a VERY long time! I know that Bioware, in the past, has been really good about making fantastic looking trailers and then the content be lackluster, but I really feel like this expansion might be worth something. I’m also interested to find out what the Galactic Conquest is. As a pvper by nature, I’m hoping it is pvp related and better than the failure that is the Odessen Proving Grounds. I’m staying hopeful that the new expansion and 5.0 is actually worth something to us as players.

  • Yevhen Snizhko

    So far I think this will be a second KOTFE with new little features.
    P.S. I always have bed expectations for everything just to say later that it is not so bad :)

  • Martinedo

    IS the person at the end of the trailer realy Vaylin? yeah, the trailer is about her, but at the end, she doesnt look like her at all

    • http://VULKK.com Vulkk

      Has to be. Same silhouette, same read eyes. Wouldn’t make sense to me if they introduced a brand new character just like that and in the end of a video that was all about Vaylin.

  • Celembrimborr

    I think the new expansion is gonna be very cool. I am really excited to see how it plays out.

  • Daniele

    There is no secret that I can not wait to play Knights of the Eternal Throne. Thank you for all the news.

    • Shadowsneak144

      I cannot wait either, but I am really disappointed that we have to sub for Shae Vizla :(

      • Daniele

        Look it this way. It will we worthy. For me at least.

  • Daren Rogers Sr.

    very excited

  • Farsear

    Looking forward to playing the new expansion.

  • Danny Esteban Maldonado

    Jeez i dont want to be hyped ;c i always get dissapointed when i expect too much. The trailer looks awesome but i’m gonna make my opinion after i see some new features.

  • TraioPL

    I wish that KotET will be the reason to to get back veterenas and get new players as well for more than few weeks, because SWTOR is the greatest MMO I’ve played (this is my first MMO, but who cares :P).

  • Quz1ree

    I’m so hyped! Think it’s going to be great!

  • BC7T

    The new trailer is as always when it comes to Blur, excellent. I’m still a little unsure what to expect from KoTET, but will not miss out on this new (although probably limited) content. I am hoping that the new level 70 content will improve my quieting server. (Progenitor)

    • http://VULKK.com Vulkk

      I didn’t know Progenitor is fading away. That’s sad to hear!

      • BC7T

        Yes very sad.

        It’s been my home since pre-launch when they assigned guilds to servers. I still have alts in that guild, which unfortunately is the only thing keeping Paragon Paladins from disappearing entirely. Then again having said that, my current guild Infamous became a ghost town over night when most jumped to TRE. I’m too tight to pay to move server, so I suppose I’ll have to wait for the fabled “Mega servers” or merges.

        Unless it is because my play schedule has changed since 4.0 I do feel as though Progenitor is getting progressively quieter. It could be that since 4.0 I haven’t done a lot of group content bar the Rakghoul heroic, and even then it is easily doable with 2 decent companions. Fleet seems half as busy and barely hits 100, most of the time sitting around 40-50. As much as KoTFE brought story, it also pretty much gave group content a good hiding, and with it a lot of the population.

      • http://VULKK.com Vulkk

        With 40-50 on the Fleet it does seem a lot emptier than the one I am on at least. Though, with everything new having solo option now, you could keep enjoying the game without a huge population.

  • RyanRox

    I am so hyped for the new expansion! All the new features and the continuation of the story is making me so exciteted

  • Leon Leo

    Hoping that Thexan is still alive, and he somehow helps us dethrone Scorpio and Vaylin

    • http://VULKK.com Vulkk

      That family sure is tough to take down. Arcann showed us that in KOTFE :)

  • Mathumus

    If the story is going to be as interesting as the Knights of the Fallen Empire i will definitely check it out.As i am a free player for now and i probably will not be a subscriber when KOTET comes out so i will be waiting for your videos on it,i still need to watch the bonus for KOTFE and watch all light and dark side videos before KOTET comes out

  • Peter Veale

    I’m so hyped! Think it’s going to be great!

  • Christopher Aloysius Kallig

    Really looking forward to it, Saw all the new features Bioware is adding, Wish i could already play it :D, but yeah i really liked your overview of this matter, very detailed :) + you’re Bulgarian accent is always funny when you mispronounce some words :D

  • Péter Magyar

    Seems interesting, really lookig forward to this new uprising stuff. Also I hope the story will worth it, not like that KotFe would be so bad, but they promised a bit more. But actually what I’m really excited for is the promise that they’ll focus on group content in the future.

  • soulmusic717

    A return to group content is good news, but hopefully it will have enough replayablity to be worth waiting for.

  • Leonax Tyrell

    Well, I’m excited to see how the uprisings will turn out. I’m also curious how “hard” this three new difficultymodes for the story-chapters are and if it’s worth the effort to use them.
    When it comes to the story I’m actually more like “meh”. Might be good, might be bad…they promised a lot before KotFE launched and did not really deliver, so my expectations are relatively low, and the trailer did actually not hype me in this regard. Don’t get me wrong, the trailer looked fantastic as all the other blur-trailers did, maybe even better. But we basically already knew the story they told in the trailer and for me, Vaylin was the least interesting character in the whole kotfe-expansion

  • MindTricked

    I haven’t played it, but I HAVE watched the trailer, and it was freaking AMAZING. I wish they’d update the client, so I can fully enjoy the game again.

  • http://VULKK.com Vulkk

    Test comment for an upcoming Giveaway.