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Rise up to the challenge. Defeat the Uprising opponents and restore peace!

This is a list of all my Uprisings Guides released after SWTOR 5.0. Inside each one of the links you will find detailed explanation of boss mechanics with screenshots and videos. The articles include all 3 difficulty modes – Story, Veteran and Master. I’ve put them in the same order as they were released by Bioware.

SWTOR Patch 5.0

SWTOR Patch 5.1

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  • etuilu

    Really Nice bro

  • B.barhorst

    Fractured, its so quick. nice CXP grind

  • DanixonCZ

    Well, i’ve never played uprising before, so it’s hard for me to say, but i would say Landing Party looks cool. ;-)

  • João Cardoso

    Not really my cup of tea, but i’ll bite. after watching your stream coverage on all of them i gotta say despite the metric ton of bugs that the uprising has but Trial and Error is me favourite. transformed into a Rakghoul and running around bitting people spreading the wellness? it looks like christmas all over again:D

  • benjamin morande

    i do not like uprisings too much, but inferno i yhink, it is fun

  • Joseph Anthony DeStefano III

    I havent completed any uprisings yet so i dont know which will be my favorite but I am looking forward to it!

  • Kaputelephant

    Done and Dusted. I love Tatooine.

  • Luis B.

    I’m not a huge fan of uprisings. For me, Flashpoints are way more interesting. But my favourite one is Trench Runner, maybe it’s not so special, but I didn’t play all uprisings and you can beat it in 10minutes so it’s good for farming CXP.

  • Arnold

    Landing party, beach battle is fun.

  • Andaari Legacy

    Big fan of the beach battle in Landing Party

  • Keisuke Sato

    Landing Party, the Beach battle is sweet.

  • Majkls

    The Makeb has the best story and visuals, but I have to give it to the Fractured for the easy grind

  • Peter Veale

    I really liked the cult one on Makeb. The bosses were rather difficult and me and my inexperienced guild died a few times on the bonus boss.

  • Leonax Tyrell

    I think my favorite one is Trench Runner. It’s relatively quick and the bosses don’t have a ton of hp. And I like the mechanic with the exploding guy in the end, I think it’s the only kind of dps-check in all the uprisings. But probably the biggest reason is, that it reminds me of explosive conflict (obviously^^). If the exploding guy in the end would be kephess, that would make it perfect :-)


    Favorite Uprising is Done and Dusted cause my all time favorite planet is Tatooine. Also I like the length of the Uprising.

  • Logan Adkisson

    Destroyer of Worlds, the only reason I have is I just think that it is awesome.

  • soulmusic717

    Favourite Uprising would have to be Landing Party, because the Beach battle is unlike most part of previous content.

  • Steven Huyen Tran

    Do you perhaps know how much the time-gap is between the creation of the Eternal Alliance and the Uprisings?

    • http://VULKK.com Vulkk

      The only real and official statement from Bioware that we have so far is that the Events are happening in real time. This means that KOTET was ~6 months after KOTFE and probably the Uprisings happened shortly (kind of immediately) after the end of KOTET.

  • http://twitter.com/josephtapp Joe Tapp

    Saw in DK chat over on Shadowlands they can be soloed in SM. Might have to give that try