Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapter 9: The Eternal Throne | SWTOR 5.0 Story Guide

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This is the full collection of my videos from SWTOR 5.0 Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapter 9: The Eternal Throne. The article includes both Dark Side and Light Side Full Walkthgroughs with live Commentary, Cinematic Movie-Like Experience videos, Highlights with important dialogue options and choices.



Watch All Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapters from my Full Walkthrough Series.

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  • Steven Huyen Tran

    Do you read fanfic?

    • Vulkk

      Not often, no. If you have something in mind, share it with me :)

      • Steven Huyen Tran

        Under a different name I have written at least from my point of view a sequel to the Eternal Throne. I kinda wrote it started without viewing all the uprisings.
        But changing a few things should make up for it.

        It is called SWTOR: AOTEA
        7 Chapters so far… beginning with the route concerning the Jedi Knight(Light)
        I intend to remain true to the story and make it plausible as possible.
        If you are interested just take a look.

      • Vulkk

        That would be a perfect read for me tomorrow during the slow portions of the work day. Thanks :)