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SWTOR Mercenary 5.0 Discipline Guide by Vulkk

A Complete User-Friendly Mercenary ARSENAL  5.0 Guide

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The article is structured in sub-pages for better orientation, less scrolling and easier navigation. Click on one of the 4 tabs below to visit the INTRODUCTION TO THE DISCIPLINE, STATS PRIORITIES AND GEARING TIPS, ABILITIES, UTILITIES AND PRIORITIES and CONCLUSION sections. Inside each one of the tabs (or sub-pages) you will find Table of Contents to further ease your navigation and help you find what you are looking for. The 4 tabs are available on the top and at the bottom.


SWTOR Mercenary ARSENAL 5.0 Guide bounty hunter thumbnailArsenal is the 2nd Discipline of 3 available for the Mercenary. It focuses on dealing direct damage without relying on DoTs much. Most of the hard hitting abilities are channeled, which fits perfectly into the role of the class – stay away from danger, pick a clean and safe spot and don’t move like crazy all the time (which is typical for MDPS, by default).

What is Arsenal Good For

The playstyle involves a small number of abilities and has an opener capable of dealing very high amount of damage to one or multiple opponents quickly and efficiently. The spec is ideal for fights involving frequent target switching and/or multiple targets boss encounters. The AoE potential of Arsenal is fairly good. My personal recommendation for leveling a Mercenary class is to use the very Arsenal spec. Nothing compares to the pure raw feeling of firing at your enemies with your heavy badass cannon.

Changes in Patch 5.0

With Knights of the Eternal Throne and Patch 5.0 the Arsenal spec was not changed significantly. Some of them I covered in this post as well as in my Class Changes Overview Video, based on the Developer Blogs.

  • Responsive Safeguards: New ability exclusive to Mercenaries which absorbs all single target damage, reflects 50% of it, and heals you for 5% of your health each time an attack is absorbed.
  • Tag and Bag: Hindering a target with Electro Net grants Tag and Bag, increasing your alacrity by 15% for 9 seconds. Additionally, activating Supercharged Gas reduces the cooldown of Kolto Overload by 5 seconds.
  • Trauma Regulators: While Energy Shield is active, you generate a stack of Trauma Regulators each time you receive direct damage. Stacks up to 15 times. When Energy Shield expires, each stack of Trauma Regulators instantly heals you for 5% of your maximum health.
  • Battlefield Protocols: Stealth Scan grants Battlefield Protocols, increasing the damage or healing dealt by your next non-channeled direct damage or healing ability by 20%. For each target revealed from stealth, you generate an additional charge of Battlefield Protocols. This effect stacks up to 5 charges and lasts for 10 seconds.


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  • Whitedragon


  • Taz Loki

    im just curious about a decent rotation is it possible to get a decent rotation for arsenal and email it to me if possible please and thank you

    • Vulkk

      All the information about Abilities priorities and opener is on Page 3, mate.

      • Taz Loki

        yes i saw that but it somewhat doesnt give me a idea of a rotation i dealt with the opener but the core rotation is what im curious about

      • Vulkk

        There’s no set rotation, mate. After more practice you will get used to follow the priority list. You can never perform a strict rotation in PvE or PvP. Don’t try to do it, you will hurt your performance :)

      • Taz Loki

        so like i said before i got the opener set would i use it as my rotation as well or what would you suggest from this point?

      • Vulkk

        I suggest you to play the first ability from the Priority list that isn’t on CD. It’s not a rotation, it’s a priority system. You cannot follow a rotation during gameplay. Don’t try to. It wont be possible. There are downtimes, switching targets and various other obstacles.
        Memorize which your most powerful abilities are according to the Priority list I have shared and always use the first one that is available and out of CD.

      • Taz Loki

        ok a different question based on the opener is a adrenal needed or can i use a stim in replacement?

      • Vulkk

        You should have a stim active pretty much all the time.

        Adrenaline is optional when and if you need it. It may not be in the opener. Depending on what you are fighting, it may be more benefitial to use it in the last 30% of the enemy’s HP or in a specific moment of the fight, whenever the group you are in decides to use raid buffs, for example.

  • Illandra

    Which Adrenal do you use ?

    • Vulkk

      I prefer the Attack Adrenal.

  • Mr. F.

    Very nice Vulkk, now one for pvp oriented?

    • Vulkk

      I haven’t played PvP on Commando or Merc in a very long time. Can’t make a dedicated guide specifically to that part of the Merc gameplay, I’m afraid.

  • Noomi

    Thank you Vulkk, as it happens I was just looking for a Arsenal Merc guide :D!

    • Vulkk

      Damn, I thought I’ve hidden it well enough ^^