SWTOR Top 5 BEST Moments in 2016

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Here are Vulkk’s SWTOR Top 5 Best Moments in 2016

In the first days of 2017, everybody (still) makes conclusions and overviews of the past year. We, the fans of Star Wars The Old Republic, also have things to remember. Let’s see now. These are Vulkk’s top 5 Best things from SWTOR in 2016.

The “Betrayed” trailer

That 6-7 minutes long cgi trailer was probably the biggest moment of attention the game received in the whole year. Everybody was talking of how awesome Blur’s new clip is and how great the story behind it is expected to be. There’s no doubt, the trailer was the most memorable event or moment in 2016 for me as well.

The story of a young and innocent Vaylin, of her mother and the constant struggles both are undergoing in their life so many years before Fallen Empire and Eternal Throne, it was the perfect set-up for a great 2nd KOTFE seas… I mean next expansion – Knights of the Eternal Throne.


We claim they are boring. We accuse them of being too easy and not rewarding enough. We moan against the complete lack of new boss mechanics inside them. Well, I do. You may not.

The Uprisings arrived with Eternal Throne and Patch 5.0 just about a month ago. They aren’t what the hardcore community was expecting, but they are new content. Fresh one and fun, at least the first few times. A bit too casual even for the casual players. But lets’ face it, we don’t have a hard core player base any more. The Uprisings are the future of SWTOR’s Group Content. Bioware may actually disprove that theory of mine less than a month from now with Patch 5.1 and the next Producer Live Stream.

One thing is certain – these Uprisings are better than no Uprisings at all!

The Bonus Chapter

That was the best and funnies chapter of all 16, I mean 17, included in Fallen Empire. Playing as an HK unit was fantastic on its own (despite the lag in the first week). Having the silliest droid companion next to you, made it even better.

The Bonus chapter was worth the wait and even though it wasn’t big enough to claim the throne of “Best Subscriber Reward“, it was a lot of fun. It offered a stand-alone experience and adventure that enriched the story, but didn’t provide any crucial details that players who could not play it, will miss for any future story development.

Crafting is viable again

SWTOR NEWS - SWTOR 5.0 Crafting Changes and Crafted EndGame GearI’ve never been a good crafter myself. I mean, I always do what my own characters need and then ditch the crew skills until the next update arrives and I have to farm/upgrade again. Crafting has seen a huge number of revamps in these 5 years. I believe the one that arrives with 5.0 is the biggest and best. The introduction, or rather return, of the dreaded RNG forces many of us to brand the Galactic Command Rank unfriendly and boring. To most old players with enough alts and resources the new Crafting system provides a fantastic opportunity to gear up your alts without spending countless hours farming… um… Fractured.

Bioware’s attempt for better communication

In 2016 Bioware’s representatives made several attempts to revive and improve the communication and connection to the SWTOR Community. I personally was contacted several times with interesting ideas and offerings like May the Fourth and the more recent Influencer Program (which has the worst name ever, BTW!).

There were a much more regular Producer Live Streams, which among the laugter and silly jokes offered interesting bits of information here and there. It wasn’t much, but it was better and more than the previous year of 2015.


Vulkk presents his SWTOR Top 5 BEST Things (or moments) that happened to Star Wars The Old Republic in 2016.

That’s it. These are my Top 5 Best Things in SWTOR for 2016.
How different your lists would be from mine? Let’s see!

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  • Sharon Snider

    The best of 2016, playing through Kotfe and watching the great trailers.

  • Sanne Leetz

    This moment!

  • Eric Howard

    Change in the companions was a big plus for me!! TOR 2016 was a good year!

  • SgtSaint

    My favorite part of SWTOR 2016 was definitely the new story driving expansions. My personal gaming background has been mostly RPGs (not MMOs), so the story based gameplay was great!

  • Seoulless

    My favorite part of TOR in 2016 was the new content. I personally really enjoyed the Fallen Empire DLC. It reminded me of playing KOTOR years ago.

  • Hash Tag

    Most things I liked in TOR back in 2016 was back of BioWares story telling <3

  • weedzi

    My best moment was when i became empress of zakuul

  • James Fuoco

    My best moment was getting my companions to looks just as good as me but not better.

  • B.barhorst

    My best memory from 2016 is definitely playing KOTFE for the first time, I just played it all in one go and enjoyed every second of it. The DvL event was fun as well. started on a new server and did every class story for the rewards. good times.

  • Engin B.

    :-) perfekt

  • Danixon

    In 2016 i’ve finished many storlines (i’ve finished only trooper story before), so my best memories are on my sith jugg and his awsome story :3 I’ve enjoyed killing jedi’s and other republic scum :D And also, i’ve met Darth Maar and i spoke with him and i have to say, it was really awsome :D (he’s my favourite SWTOR character – second is Revan and third is Satele)

  • Justin Emmons

    I have not played since the launch of this game. I have to tell you I’m having a blast, I am leveling a republic toon for the first time. I had a sith jugg back in the day at launch, so all in all I’m having fun just relearning the game.

  • Silverys

    Man,Gotta say, finally taking out Vailyn and getting more and more and more power as my Sith Inquisitor was a great thing in 2016. Yes, I’m a power hungry m****r f****r, lol. I’m still waiting for my favorite companions to return though. Where the heck are you Kira and Scrourge?!?!?

  • Camilla Mangold

    I play SWTOR since forever, but always free to play. And for the first time (in 2016), i became a subscriber! So here are my top 5 best momentes in SWTOR.

    #1 – Became subscriber
    #2 – My first 1.000.000 (money)
    #3 – The mission with the jawas (alert mission in KOKET). They are so cute!
    #4 – My first Uprising and Operation.That was VERY exciting!
    #5 – Snowball fight <3

    And… a extra moment was known Vulkk's content!

  • Petar Kanchev

    I started playing the game in September 2016, so most of my best moments were (unsurprisingly) related to the stories. Here are they, starting from #5:

    5. Constructing my lightsaber with the Jedi Knight.
    4. (Spoilers) Defeating Darth Thanaton with my Sorcerer in front of the Council, accompanied by the epic music;
    3. Everything on Voss: culture, landscapes, class missions, planetary missions, etc.
    2. Discovering that using Datacrons counts for the entire Legacy, and Legacy in general (seriously, this is one of the best features in an game I have played).
    1. Finding out that a colleague from my new job is a player, and joining his guild.

    I played through KOTFE and KOTET, but my moments there couldn’t even make it to the top 10.

  • Wilhelm Vilen

    id say the bonus chapter which in my case was fun to play!

  • leedlieq

    The whole bonus chapter was awesome and hilarious

  • Cemal

    I did the Revan storyline for the first time this year and I really enjoyed being some pirate gangster for a few hours

  • daisukesamueru

    Killing vaylin I hate her with a passion I also hate arcann with a passion for him.
    Killing his brother I have sworn a oath to avenge his brother I have yet to kill him.
    I am still catching up on knights of the fallen empire but have taken a break I have.
    Started playing knights of the eternal throne and working on the first chapter of that.

  • Thomas Evans

    Killing Koth. Over and over and over and over……

  • AeroD Graphics

    I’d have to say my best moment of swtor in 2016 was getting Shae Vizla and also getting torian to rank lvl 50 influence without touching any companion gifts.

  • anthony oakley

    i`d have to say the best moment of swtor in 2016 was getting hk-55 and the bonus chapter and shae vizla

  • http://dragosani-legacyswtor.sadesignz.org/ Shadowz Greymoon

    I’d have to say, mine was getting Aric Jorgan to rank lvl 50 influence without dropping a ton of credits for companion gifts.

  • Thor Wedø Lundqvist

    I enjoyed powering through the content during DvL event. Really need that 12x EXP again. <3

  • Joseph Anthony DeStefano III

    Honestly, I just started this game and i am really enjoying the imperial agent story, its SO good!

  • Andrew Dunn

    honestly i enjoyed the light vs dark event

  • RyanRox

    Back towards launch, soloing malgus is my favorite memory. I felt accomplished and happy. :)

  • Andrew Beland

    I’m still rather new to the game, so 2016 was a lot of experiencing things for the first time. I enjoyed every minute of it.

  • haya face

    My favourite moment was killing koth vortena, that is also why jaesa is my favourite companion, because she is the only female companion that approves of dark side choices. PLS BRING HER BACK

  • Logan Adkisson

    My top Favorite moments: Had to have been 5. KOTET, 4. Having played the game for a year, 3. Getting lots of cool perks for being a subscriber, 2. Becoming the emperor of the Eternal Alliance on my main, 1. Finally becoming a Patreon to my favorite You-tuber that plays SWTOR, that I follow so closely (Vulkk). Which is one thing I think every Subscriber/Patreon to Vulkk should put on their list.

  • Maetheius D. Aldeh

    My top 5 Favorite moments: 5.- 1 year playing the game, 4.- finishing all story content (except oricon cus my pc sucks and cant handle ops unfortunatelly) with my main, 3.- Vette’s Romance definitely one (if not the best) of the best companions in game 2.- finally buying a subscription, 1.- doing group content with my guild :) pretty fun.

  • Mlg Sty

    My favorite was when I subscribed for a first time and started playing the expansions

  • Erizala

    My favourite moment of 2016 for swtor has been KOTET. Way better than the first by a long shot.

  • Michal Vodňanský

    The moment I took possesion of Valkorion´s body, it felt so epic!


    KOTET is pretty nice. Gearing system turned out pretty well ( I have good luck).

  • Dominik

    i enjoyed launch of kotfe and walker brigade i took part it

  • Mathumus

    All the new story and good changes,returning back after a short break to try out new stuff,i am f2p so most things did not change anything for me

  • Peter Veale

    1. KOTFE 2. KOTET 3. Replaying KOTET? :P

  • Joseph Brown

    1 Betrayed TRAILER 2 Zoom that chapter had me loling 3 winning that token from your give away.4 getting my first gold mount from a Cm Pack.5 Finding new friends throw #swtorfaimly that grouped up for FP in DVL event

  • D. Wes Rist

    Definitely getting back into the game after a long break

  • BC7T

    My best 2016 SWTOR memory is watching the first reveal of the KoTET trailer, at my first Cantina event, at my first Star Wars Celebration, with fellow players.

  • Raul Punga

    Best memory of 2016 is the day i came back to swtor after a long break

  • Rauno Arumets

    i would say the best part about swtor in 2016 was that the story ended with Valkorion :) was always a big fan of the emperor :)

  • João Cardoso

    for the best part of 2016 the effort they put on the cinematics. the rest…yeah…ok…i’ll give in for the uprisings as they are a breath of fresh air in terms of game content, but again gated to some or better part of the community…that and ok there’s one that needs to be added to the list…vulkk being trolled on a Q and A stream in the end of the year xD

  • MindTricked

    I didn’t play much, so no real in-game memories, but that Betrayal trailer was AMAZING. It made me WANT to play, get the expansions, and catch up with the story.

  • soulmusic717

    Well, 2016 was the year I began Hard Mode raiding. Loving it so far (though having to regear now isn’t great).

  • Yevhen Snizhko

    I really liked double xp periods since with these i could do whole character story without making additional quests (like planetary stories). Without massing quests I did not lose my concentration on main storyline, although everything after act 3 in some way reflects missed sidequests, but it was definitely worth it.