SWTOR Top 5 WORST Moments in 2016

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Here are Vulkk’s SWTOR Top 5 WORST Moments in 2016

In the first days of 2017, everybody (still) makes conclusions and overviews of the past year. We, the fans of Star Wars The Old Republic, also have things to remember Or for the purposes of this list – things we DON’T WANT to remember. Let’s see now. These are Vulkk’s top 5 Worst things from SWTOR in 2016.

The return of RNG

It’s hard to say if and how many of the original SWTOR designers are still workin on the game now, but some of us still remember the horrible implementation of PvP RNG gearing. Those loot crates… D’OH!

Why, oh why, must you, guys, revive a completely broken system. RNG looting and crazy grind is not suitable for a western MMO. I am told the asian MMO market is much more acceptable for these types of games and the communities there are more prone to grinding. Please, forgive me if I am mistaken. I have no first hand experience with such games.

On topic – RNG gearing was tested in 2011 and 2012 and proven to be unsuccessful. I believe this decision was not made by the developers of the game, but rather came from the top. And who sits at the top – EA. Everybody’s favorite company.

I’m fully aware that some of you do enjoy the new gearing system. We’ve talked about that in length and much deeper detail during the SWTOR 5th Anniversary Special Live Stream. I, however, strongly dislike it and think it deserves a spot among the Top 5 Worst list.

Promises for a brighter future

“How can such thing be listed as bad? This guy has gone crazy, I’m out of here”.

Admit it, come on. This thought must have passed through your mind at least for a moment when you saw the title of this “moment”. Honestly, I have heard all sorts of promises in the past 5 years. We will have better Guild implementation, guild improvements, Better than Cross Server queue, PvP fans will receive good news next month, stay tuned for our next super awesome announcement.

Hey, don’t get me wrong. Some of these promises did come true. Some of them even better than intended. It’s the constant closed circle we are in – announcement for an announcement of a promise for something that may or may not happen in the near or not so near future.

The ending of KOTFE

SWTOR GUIDE - Everything about SWTOR Patch 4.7 and Chapter 16 (XVI)Ugh. We all knew there will be a second season. We all expected the story to continue. Still, though. We could have received something at least remotely close to an ending of a season. The cliff-hanger in the end of Chapter 16 was disappointment for me. The final Dark Side decision in the said Chapter made it even worse. Not the decision itself, but the complete lack of result from it.

The 16 chapters of Fallen Empire were not all great. Hell, they weren’t all even good. There were the brights spots, such as my personal favorite Chapter 12, but it was more than obvious that the attention Bioware was giving to Alliance Recruitment and the desperate attempt to bring as many of the old companions back, was hurting the KOTFE story in general.

That One Pay2Win Item

Eh, that silly stim. Aha, I am talking of the introduction of the Command Rank Stim Boost. It’s not a problem that such an item exists. The issue I have with it is that it’s a Cartel Market exclusive. What’s even worse is the fact that the Cartel Market is supposed to help the F2P and Preferred players by lessening their grind and torture. The Galactic Command, however, is a Subscriber Only restricted area.

I know, I know. It’s not the worst and I am overreacting a little. Or perhaps even making a silly drama out of this. Well, I don’t like it. In fact, if I wasn’t playing a Jedi Knight as my main, I would have admitted that I HATE IT! :)

The Dark vs Light Event

This is where things get controversial. I only judge this from my own point of view. That’s why it’s Vulkk’s List, Right? :)

I’ve admitted and shared my negative feelings towards the Summer event. It involved far too much grind for not very interesting prizes. It required veteran players to re-do all of the crazy grind just so they don’t fall behind on Achievements. I am not huge on achievements, mostly because the hardest ones I had completed long before the Legacy and the Achievements system came out. There was one recent reason that made me dislike the Dark vs Light event even more. Bioware announced that the companion we all fought hard to secure, Master Ranos, is actually going to be accessible to everyone sooner or later via an Alliance Mission. Well, who would expect a reward in SWTOR to remain unique for long? We know how things work!

This was my list. If you have stumbled upon this creation of mine randomly and by accident, you may now think I am a hater. Don’t forget to check out my SWTOR Top 5 BEST Moments in 2016. :)


Vulkk presents his SWTOR Top 5 WORST and DISAPPOINTING Things (or moments) from Star Wars The Old Republic in 2016.

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  • SgtSaint

    Some chapters of the expansion had 20 minutes of gameplay with lacking story, while others were definitely more well rounded. That was the worst part for me

  • Hash Tag

    The worst thing in TOR 2016 was that the new storyline was kinda short :(

  • weddzi

    My worst moment was that SCORPIO betrayed me

  • James Fuoco

    More cartel packs always.

  • B.barhorst

    The worst thing for me was definitely still not new group content. also, having to play as a pref player for a couple of months. that credit cap is so annoying.

  • Re chivo

    For me is : i start playing this game as a Free2Play then i gat a minimum cartel coin, so then all excited to be Prefered try transferring item plus small amount of credit to tests if that will work. Rong i GAT MY ACCOUNT BLOCK no way to get support except from a costly long distance phone call ( est canada to SWTOR support ) .

    Note : i know how things work now !
    Thank Vulkk:that friend of star wars is so good to know.

  • Engin B.


  • Danixon

    Worst was the moment, when server i was playing on (Tomb of Freedon Nadd) died. Before there were at least 150 people on fleet, now is it 20.

  • Justin Emmons

    I can’t say there aren’t any like I said before in the other forum. I have not played since launch and i’m having a blast leveling and relearning the game.

  • Silverys

    Worst Moment: RnG. Seriously, you know what I mean. Introducing that as a core mechanic for gearing up is just a terrible idea.

  • Camilla Mangold

    My worst moment in SWTOR 2016 was still not getting back Ashara :(

  • Petar Kanchev

    Since I am a new player, my best moments were much stronger than the worst. Nevertheless, here are my worst moments, starting from #5:
    5. My first warzone – no idea what was happening at all.
    4. Server maintenance on a Saturday afternoon for patch 5.01 (I think) – Europeans are discriminated against heavily :)
    3. My second Fashpoint, where a dude decided to get angry and vot kick me, instead of explaining boss mechanics.
    2. The business model: cartel “unlocks” even for subs; insane limitations for f2p,; excluding preferred players from end-game content; RNG,; … need I continue?
    1. Lack of incentive for group play. Leveling is extremely easy and even boring – I realized that 10 minutes in, before having any idea how my class works. Even heroic missions don’t require help. I never felt motivated to quest together with another player, even though I wanted to. PVP and Flashpoints are a missed opportunity, since they don’t utilize BioWare’s biggest strength – cinematic storytelling. Yes, Flashpoints have cut-scenes, but they are always the same, which makes people skip them and forces new players to play them solo in order to experience the content in peace. Imagine PVE and PVP tied together in multitudes of dialogue trees, where player decisions influences how the instance would play out and vice versa. This would enormously improve replay value. We know BioWare can do it and we know that it is feasible. Mass Effect, for example, is a trilogy in which decisions in each game completely change encounters in the next games. Even KOTET had different conversations and encounters on the basis of the class stories and on the basis of KoTFE. This is entirely achievable in multiplayer, if cutsences are a small, but significant part of instances.

  • Wilhelm Vilen

    the ending for kotfe (>”)>

  • leedlieq

    I also accidentally destroyed a mount too

  • Cemal

    I accidentally destroyed a gold mount I really wanted. I try not to think about it too much ;)

  • daisukesamueru

    Having to play the same story line over and over again on my level 60 characters.
    And getting killed over and over again waiting on the revive timer to be done.
    Having to go back to the medical center then having to ride or walk back to.
    Where I was previously umpteen times tough bosses having to repair my armor a lot.

  • commander sleskohi

    there was no worst moment for me to be honest

  • Thomas Evans

    Worst thing for me was not coming back till the end of the year and feel like I’m having to relearn all overagain. Also, i miss Mako.

  • AeroD Graphics

    My worst moment in SWTOR 2016 is probably not getting Jaesa back or Lord Scourge…I like them both and i cant have them. :(

  • http://dragosani-legacyswtor.sadesignz.org/ Shadowz Greymoon

    I didn’t really have any, just lost interest in playing the game as most of the stuff I want to do requires groups, or guilds, and the guild I have on Ebon hawk is just well dead as a door nail.

  • Thor Wedø Lundqvist

    Hmm, worst moment. Must be the horrible outbreaks I come with during Warzone matches. God damn I can be a twat. :(

  • Joseph Anthony DeStefano III

    I am very new to the game so my worst moment is only on about a month of playing swtor, but honestly its just some of the toxic people i have come across because I am new and dont know some things. People freak out or i will ask a question and they just make fun of me or type wrong answers in.

    • http://VULKK.com Vulkk

      That should be a minority. The community is very helpful in general. The best advise I can think of is – give everyone in your group a heads up that you are new and don’t know things. In most cases they will act politely and help you out, rather than troll you.

      • Joseph Anthony DeStefano III

        I always preface my questions with the fact I’m new. But it’s been less of an issue now as I ended up in a guild (albeit small) with some very helpful people. So it’s nice.

  • RyanRox

    My least favorite moment is when I accidently put the Revan Reborn greaves on the GTN for 110k instead of 11 million xD ( yes someone bought it)

  • Andrew Beland

    Ranked PvP. So much nope.

  • haya face

    My worst moment was still, not getting back jaesa or Nadia…

  • Logan Adkisson

    My worst moments had to have been 5. Not getting to keep certain companions, 4. Bioware not having all the compaions back and accessible yet?, 3. Command Rank System, 2. Not getting to play the Bonus Chapter because at the time I had been charged and went into being preferred status instead of a subscriber, 1. Finally, not becoming a Patreon for Vulkk sooner, since I have seen just about every live stream and have been a subscriber for over 2 years

  • Maetheius D. Aldeh

    My top 5 Worst moments: 5.- Not all my companions have returned, 4.- Not being able to keep darth marr and empress acina as permanent companions. 3.- not being able to do the hk-55 bonus chapter cus i was not a subscriber. 2.- command Rank system while i as a casual benefits me cus i dont have much time to grind as other ppl do im not a big fan of the lame rewards and the time it takes to level up 1.- being promised 3mil creds to use a referral link then the person never give me anything and ofc bloqued me.

  • Mlg Sty

    Some companions not returned with storyline :(

  • Erizala

    I am not a really big fan of the Command ranking system. I liked the concept but in the game it seems way too hard to get what we want as it is very Luck based.

  • Michal Vodňanský

    Opening first 10 command crates only to find worthless rubbish. That kinda sucked…


    The ranked rewards are kinda lame. That would be the worst moment for me

  • Dominik

    no new operations added, just very short fp’s (uprisings) not too fun

  • Mathumus

    The worst thing was not too much stuff for free to play players i guess,maybe

  • Peter Veale

    No returning companions / no alerts (unless you count “Shae’s mission” as a mission.

  • Joseph Brown

    I have a hard timing peaking only 5 but the 1 I can is how no new 8 man group stuff came in and no word as when it well has cause a lot more players to drop sub and with 5.0 there not playing it seams on my guild roster.2 RNG 3 raise level cap of rehashed old stuff.4 redskins of older gear. 5 There lack of care on Marketing rewards by there teams.

  • D. Wes Rist

    Being away from the game for a long time

  • BC7T

    Worst 2016 memory? KoTET being so short. I realise that they “listened to the community” and removed filler levels, but I enjoyed those KoTFE chapters too (mostly). I really enjoyed the story a lot, but wished that there was more (I suppose that no matter how many chapters I would say the same thing).

  • Rauno Arumets

    worst part for me was, that uprisings were created, idk why but i just hate them their so boring , bioware could have created something more interesting than this, honestly.

  • João Cardoso

    the worst? it’s gotta be a combo of rng and galactic command. but i’m gonna make a more detailed post when they release 5.1 in the 13th of january if not mistaken. and also forgot two items, one seeing boyd on the livestream basically begging people to play the content, those sad puppy eyes might work for some but not all people. ohh and last but not least…the policy shift towards pay2win, cause if people take a step back and see the model and how it’s implemented. the game shifted towards that direction and with that struck the last blow on the raiding guilds available.

  • MindTricked

    Worst part? The quest holo cutscenes that no longer play smoothly for me, and makes the game really unplayable for me. I’ve tried everything (including reinstalling DX9) and it just messes up. Ah well – maybe one day they’ll update the client and I can play again.

  • soulmusic717

    Worst part of last year was definitly changing to RNG gearing. Why would they think anyone wanted that?

  • Yevhen Snizhko

    Only in late 2016 I chose to try old way of completing the game – by completing all quests, including heroics and falshpoints. It was (and is) horrible. I know that this was done to speed leveling process, but it has 2 great disadvantages:
    1. I level up too fast. It means that I can’t adjust to ability changes fast enough if I do everything I can. And although running with lvl48 jedi knight on Coruscant in search of Tarnis is really funny, I feel like I’ll complete Nar Shaddaa story at lvl 60 (70 if I was a subscriber) and will be bored of no changes to my abilities.
    2. Changes to flashpoints are pretty strange. In pre-KOTFE completing Hammer Station, Athiss, and Mandalorian Raiders felt really well when after a few tries you got the idea of boss tactics (or finally killed that big group of mobs in Hammer Station), and group went forward with morale up. And they were designed so you could only do that having abilities of that level. Now it looks like this: a few lvl17 guys run Mandalorian Raiders; they (we) do everything right, but they die because nobody uses heal consoles around the boss that are your only hope to survive there (for some reason). And even maxleveled players sometimes can’t complete lategame flashpoints simply because all they know is ‘we need a healer+3 dps instead of 4 dps’ or ‘guys just shoot at the boss, stop running’.
    Sorry, this was not supposed to be rant, but it feels cool and frustrating at the same time.