Bioware responds to the SWTOR Fractured Exploit

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You might be aware of a bug in the Fractured Uprising, currently allowing players to bypass some of the mechanics of the encounter. Bioware is investigating the issue at the moment and considering a possible removal of the Uprising from the Galactic Command Uprisings Rotation.

This weekend the issue with the exploit was discussed in more detail during the live recording of the new Corellian Run Radio podcast episode. Moxys (one of the hosts) contacted me after the show and graciously provided me with Bioware’s official statement that the guys received via PM from community manager Eric Musco. Here’s what Musco told CRR:

First, thank you (and everyone else) who reported the bug taking place in the Fractured Uprising. We are aware of it and are investigating the issue and its impact. As for action that could be taken we will reiterate our stance on exploits: Any bug which a player can use to gain an advantage can be viewed as an exploit and could lead to action being taken against their account.

To answer your questions:

  • What are some steps players can do in order keep themselves safe, especially since this particular exploit happens so fast?

Let the group know ahead of time that you don’t want to participate in any exploits, to go through the Uprising as intended. If an exploit occurs, report any offending individuals. Alert BioWare privately of this issue (we are already aware in this instance and are investigating)

  • Would BioWare consider removing Fractured from the rotation of Uprisings until it is patched?

This is a great suggestion, we are looking into this as a part of our investigation of The Fractured Uprising. Hope that answers your question, I hope you guys have a great stream.

Honestly, I had not done that Uprising much after I researched it for my Written Guides, as it’s one of the most boring and shortest ones. Obviously, I don’t care about my Command Ranks, but this very same Uprising is currently the most popular and most farmed one as it is indeed the quickest and arguably the easiest to do for Command Rank XP.

Here’s one of my runs through the Fractured Uprising- Veteran Mode Run with friends and Subscribers from a live stream archived  event.

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  • Sherman

    They should also remove The False Emperor flashpoint as well since Malgus will suicide himself across the chasm. I saw it happen 3 days ago so it’s no longer patched as it was in the past.

    • Vulkk

      I’ve never encountered that one. Interesting! However, the bug with the ship and the BH boss is a real pain in the @$$.

  • Disqus this

    Does anyone really care what bw says at this point when it comes to bugs or exploits in any content much less uprisings?

    I know our guys don’t. Hell, from our feedback bw can ban the hell out of them and save them the trouble in doing it themselves.

  • theChosen1

    I soloed it about 5-6 times with 2 toons vet mode and this with killing insta first boss happened only ones idk how :D But there are other bugs in this uprasising like no adds and no active hooking points on the bridges and other..

    • Vulkk

      It is the most bugged Uprising indeed! :)

  • Sir Salisbury

    they should probably do a official post on the site instead of telling influencers.

  • speedphlux

    I’ve seen that bug, done it, participate in an hour and a half “farming” session with a group and to be honest, all that exploit did, was to completely turn me off from Uprisings, CXP, Ranking, Crates and all that jazz. Right now, I just level up my characters, do dailies here and there, craft a bunch of junk, play the GTN a bit and that’s it.
    There’s literally no groups that do OPs (of any kind, apart from the Bestia Leveling thingy) and noone asking for HM FP queue. Like – what’s the point ?! You go PvP – you get bolstered, you go PvE – you meet “Bug Mode” (instead of Story, Veteran or Master Modes). Why bother with gear, progression and/or all of that jazz ?!
    I’m starting to be scared about 5.1, because as we all know from previous patches, Bioware fixes one thing and then breaks 3 other things. Not holding my breath, althou I still love the game (for some awkward reason – maybe I’m secretly a masochist ?!).

  • João Cardoso

    o’really? they release bugged content again?why does that not surprise me…looks like the internal testing process is a bit wonky to say the least. them monkeys hammering the keyboard must be sympathetic with the hamsters in charge of the running the servers!!! and to be perfect honest this only proves that using the pts is a double edged sword, cause the feedback they get is not always accurate. and probably it’s time for some changes on that topic..but that’s another matter for another time and another place…thanks for the update

  • Sebastiaan Zeijlemaker

    They won’t do a damn thing. They won’t remove Fractured from the cxp rotation, cause it would piss more people off and they cannot afford that. If its about that instant kill the first part of the boss fight, they need to ask themselves whether its really worth the trouble to go after the thousands of people who have done that.

    • Jim DeLizzio

      That’s the exact same thing people said about the Ravagers exploit. Don’t fool yourself. There will be consequences.