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A Complete User-Friendly Sith Marauder Fury 5.0 Guide for PvE and PvP

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The guide is structured in sub-pages for better orientation, less scrolling and easier navigation. Click on one of the 4 tabs below to visit the INTRODUCTION TO THE DISCIPLINE, STATS PRIORITIES AND GEARING TIPS, ABILITIES, UTILITIES AND PRIORITIES and CONCLUSION sections. Inside each one of the tabs (or sub-pages) you will find Table of Contents to further ease your navigation and help you find what you are looking for. The 4 tabs are available on the top and at the bottom.


The Fury Discipline is the third of 3 available paths for the Sith Marauder Class. It provides great Burst damage as well as strong Single Target and AoE sustained Damage Dealing. Offers good survivability and free mobility. Because it is considered a bit more advanced discipline and its best perks are earned at higher levels, it isn’t the best discipline for leveling (Combat is). However, it’s strong enough to allow players with even little to no experience to journey through the 70 levels of story missions and anything else on the side.

What is Fury Good For

Sith Marauder FURY 5.0 Guide - SKORKS figureThe playstyle involves a large number of abilities and has a good amount of Burst in the opener. The spec is suitable for both single and multi target damage dealing. While it performs slightly worse than Annihilation and Carnage on a single target, the AoE potential hidden inside Fury is incredible. Fury these days is mainly preferred for PvP as it offers great mobility and immunity to crowd control, while also performing very well on the offensive side. It’s still perfectly valid for PvE, as you are about to find out by reading the rest of the guide. There’s an ongoing argument that in 5.0 Fury may be even better at AoE than Carnage. I personally don’t believe that. Fury requires more time, abilities and awareness to perform to its best in AoE environment than Carnage and it’s not even doing better DPS. What it does better than Combat is deliver very high amount of damage with only 1 AoE attack, which helps in leveling and PvP. In the first case mobs are weak enough that most would just die from 1 such attack and in PvP nobody stays still just waiting for you to hit them multiple times.

If played to the best of its abilities, Fury is almost on par with the highest parsing disciplines in the game, currently. It does not have a specific rotation (well, you could use one, but it would ONLY be viable for the Ops Dummy). Depending on what purpose you want the discipline to serve, it can outperform the other 2, but that would require knowledge, practice and skills. We are going to go through as many tips and suggestions together during this detailed guide.

My personal recommendation for leveling marauders is to avoid the Fury spec. Its potential starts to show at much later levels. Not that you will have any real trouble leveling with it, just Carnage (my favorite for low levels) offers better tools for faster and smoother progress through the planets. If you really enjoy Fury from the very beginning, there’s nothing to stop you from using it.

Changes in Patch 5.0

With Knights of the Eternal Throne and Patch 5.0 the Fury spec was not changed significantly. Some of them I covered in this post as well as in my Class Changes Overview Video, based on the Developer Blogs.

  • Ravage: This is now an instantly activated ability to help add more mobility to the Marauder.
  • Ruthless Aggressor: Vicious Throw refunds 2 rage on targets affected by your Obfuscate. Additionally, Vicious Throw is usable on targets affected by your Obfuscate, regardless of remaining health. Obfuscate also grants Ruthless Aggressor, increasing Force and tech defense by 75% for 6 seconds.
  • Hidden Savagery: While Force Camouflage is active, you gain a charge of Hidden Savagery every 0.5 seconds. Each charge of Hidden Savagery increases the damage dealt by your next melee attack by 4%. Stacks up to 12 charges and lasts for up to 6 seconds after exiting Force Camouflage.
  • Interloper: Force Charge grants Interloper, allowing you to activate Force Charge a second time. Interloper lasts up to 7.5 seconds and is removed if Force Charge is reused. If Interloper is not utilized by the end of its duration, Force Charge is placed on a 7.5 second cooldown. Additionally, Force Charge now builds 2 Fury.


The video below is my video guide to the Marauder Fury Discipline in SWTOR Patch 5.0. Includes visual demonstrations of Ability Priorities, Standard Opener, Utilities and more.

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  • Okganit

    how come you not got states on the sith sorcerer and Jedi consular

    • Vulkk

      Do you mean Guides?

  • Jeff

    I forgot to ad that I’m currently at 43% crit with a 81% multiplier. And 30k is the highest I’ve hit so far.

  • Jeff

    Why only 40% crit? I see so many other running anywhere from 40 up to almost 45% crit. I’m in mostly 230 variants, with no alacrity, and hitting like 30k crits with furious strike. For pvp, can you give me a reason to drop some crit, and add it to alacrity?

    • Vulkk

      Hi Jeff,

      I have written on Page 2 that the ideal stats listed at the bottom are for PvE only. A few paragraphs up on the same page I talk about possibilities for PvP gearing. This spec in PvP benefits greatly from Power stacking as there is autocrit involved and Surge boost for autocrits isn’t a direct addition of Crit’s %.

      I personally see zero effectiveness in PvP for Alacrity. My preference and recommendation is to stack Power and if you feel like it, Crit.

      • Jeff

        Yes I believe I’m running almost if not all power augs. Just haven’t heard what the max crit you can run in pvp since 5.0 came out. Because with the bolster most were running 45% crit. So I figured they up’d the max, just haven’t gotten a straight answer. And I’m still at 106% accuracy. I’m sure by the time I max out gear, I’ll put some alacrity in just cause my crit will already be high enough. And thnx for the response back, especially on a Sunday morning.

  • Joe Tapp

    AWESOME guide Master V, as usual. I do love this spec, but w/o a set bonus rage mgmt gets a bit tricky in long fights