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GWENT Patch 0.8.37 fixed the Mardroeme Exploit

GWENT Patch Notes Changelog

Shortly after releasing Ranked Play to GWENT, CD Projekt Red had to patch up a very nasty and unpleasant exploit that was allowing players to auto-win games. This was hurting seriously the competitive gamers. Who would feel the need to cheat in a closed beta of a game, is a different question alltogether :) 0.8.37…

GWENT Patch 0.8.25 Changelog

GWENT Patch Notes Changelog

Quite a big patch coming to GWENT The Witcher Card Game. This is the second patch to the game and contains over 140 alterations and changes to cards and mechanics. Check out the full patch notes below. I have embedded the live stream archive from the developers explaining what's being done to Gwent in 0.8.25…

GWENT Patch 0.8.16 changelog

GWENT NEWS - GWENT Patch Notes Changelog

A new patch 0.8.16 has been released today for the closed beta of Gwent, introducing a ton of changes including card rarity alterations, nerfs, strength boosts and a lot of changes to how weather cards work and what they affect. Each player has received a new Keg with cards and 600 Scraps for each non-starter Deck…