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GWENT Closed Beta: Gameplay, Graveyards, Kegs and Regis | Patch 0.8.16 Overview

Gwent gameplay and Keg Opening with live commentary. Overview and analysis of the new Patch 0.8.16, which brought a ton of changes. Table of Contents 06:20 | Beginning of the Live Show 08:24 | Gwent Patch 0.8.16 changes overview ( 16:25 | How the Graveyard works in Gwent 18:27 | My current Skellige Deck for…

GWENT The Witcher Card Game: Skellige Deck Gameplay

Vulkk's first live gameplay with commentary of the standalone version of GWENT The Witcher Card Game Closed Beta (Skellige Deck). Find more info and a GWENT tutorial attached below. Table of Contents 06:04 | Opening and Welcome + Brief GWENT FAQ 09:26 | Overview of the the game's interface and available features 17:48 | Friendly…