Helpful tutorials and guides for Gwent The Witcher Card Game

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This is the brand new Tutorial for Gwent the Witcher Card Game. It's available in the game and the tips are voiced by the original voices of Ciri and Geralt themselves. Subscribe to Vulkk's YouTube Channel Did you find this post entertaining and useful? Let me know what's your opinion. Leave a Comment & Share the article. Stay in…

GWENT TRACKER: A great tool for your Cards and Games Stats

Tutorial on how to install and set up the Gwent Tracker tool to help you manage your card statistics during matches. Related materials: GWENT Acronyms: Guide to what all these letters mean GWENT The Witcher Card Game Beginners Guide Basic overview of all GWENT factions GWENT Kegs: How to get them, Are they worth it,…

GWENT The Witcher Card Game InGame Basic Tutorial

This is the full InGame tutorial for the Closed Beta of GWENT The Witcher Card Game. There is no voice over and this video is aimed at those of you, who would like to get a glimpse of what the stand-alone game of GWENT will look and behave. When I live stream the game I…