Disqus: The best contact form plugin for any website!

News & Blogs Thumbnails - Vulkk NewsDidn’t need long to decide which Comments plugin to install and use for the website. Disqus it is!

Now, all I need is for you, guys, to help me test it. Leave me a comment when you visit any of the pages and links allowing comments. Tell me if it’s quick and smooth or you experience any form of lag, stutter, slow load or another issue. In the beginning I don’t expect you all to start using this feature, but it is here to stay and will be useful in the long run. Disqus is one of the better and leading widgets for WordPress themes and allows users to register with various social accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Google, WordPress, Disqus.

REMEMBER! The website is my own and this is our own community! You can say, ask, share anything with me here (except referral links and porn :Р)

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