“Find Vulkk’s Font” Game, Reward for the Winner!

Help me find my font and earn a small reward!

After switching to Windows 10 I tried my best to save, remember, backup everything I could and found save-able, however, small details always slip away…

In this case, I have lost a Font. Yes. A very important font for me. Take a look at the picture down below, use any method and means to help me find the exact same font and I will surprise you with a small reward (well, not so small :P).

If you are wondering, even after you saw the picture, this is the font I was using for my overlay text for the live shows. I would very much like to keep using it, but I have less than zero memory where I found it and forgot its name, of course. There are plenty of tools around the internet for discovering and understanding fonts by pictures. If you find it for me and save me the trouble, I will send you a 500CC SWTOR gift of your choosing. If you want to, you can open any of my old Live Stream Archives and take a better screenshot. If you have a suggestion or a guess, or you are 101% certain you found the one, please, leave a comment here under the blog post. Thank you for joining the “Frustrating Game” :)))

ss (2015-08-03 at 06.43.21)ss (2015-08-03 at 06.52.14)

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