VulkkVideos passed the 300!

Vulkk Avatar YodaI am happy to announce that my 2nd channel VulkkVideos reached 300 (and well over that number) subscribers now.

VulkkVideos presents my other side, the non Star Wars nerd. The games, tech videos and from time to time personal V-Logs are all the things I want to share with a wider audience, but they have no place in VulkkSWTOR.

Currently I am enjoying Dragon Age: Inquisition as a Reaver Warrior, Replaying Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, going through each of the episodes of Game of Thrones by Telltale and also starting to think of a Witcher 3 Playthrough, but may have to leave it for after DAI and the early Autumn of 2015 (D’OH, Work!).

If by some miracle you have not seen or heard about it yet, here is the link:
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