Welcome to SWTOR Basics: The DOs and DON’Ts of SWTOR Leveling for new players. This is the beginning of my script for the next video from the series. I have adapted it for a Blog post and would like to share it with you.

If you prefer it in a video form, scroll down to the bottom of the article and enjoy! :)

Some tips on how to make the leveling experience more fluent, fun and enjoyable. Wether you are F2P or a subscriber, there’s something for everyone. I hope you will like the suggestinos and tips. If so, you know how to show it! Share and leave a comment with your favorite DOs and DONTs

Let’s begin!

DO start the game as a Sith Warrior or Jedi Knight if you have no favorite class already and haven’t picked your role. Let me explain. I only suggest this with Story in mind. The storylines of these classes are for the most of us in top 3 from all 8 class stories. Also the JK and SW are the 2 most involved with Vitiate, the Sith Emperor. Most of the story since 2014 and into 2016 (or even further) will be about him and knowing as much as you can from the early levels, is a big boost for later.

DON’T rush the game. Well. DUH! Did you think I will skip on that one? Of course not! As a F2P you have little choice and are forced to get through most if not all side quests and bonus objectives, because you are denied of some Sub perks such as rested XP. Some planets have such amazing story, it would be a shame to skip on them and rush for lvl 60 or 65. You will never know the origins of the Dread Masters, how Belsavis became a Prison World, what has happened on Tatooine’s Ship Graveyard, whose statue is in the middle of the promenade on Nar Shaddaa, what families rule Alderaan some 3000 years before Leia and her parents and more and more.

DO pick up crew skills. Regardless of your sub status, everybody needs money. One of the easier ways to gather some as a fresh nub (in the good sense, of course!) in SWTOR is to pick up free stuff off the ground and sell them on GTN. Speaking of GTN… DO learn the GTN mastery. The more time you spend on it, researching categories, prices and value of items, the  more rich you will become. And.. DON’T stalk GTN. It is very likely that while getting richer and richer, you will completely lose the connection to your character, their story. You do not want to turn into a mindless crafter. Crafting in the game is supposed to be a side activity. Story is what matters most. Well… Gameplay too, D’OH! Bioware and their stories…

Now, back on the topic of Crew Skills. Learn the 3 gathering proffesions – Bioanalysis, Archeology, Scavenging. Instead of Archeology I would actually advice you to go Slicing. It will pay off very well at later levels, but it is a bit slower to level through its tiers.

DON’T start off with Crafting Skills unles you have a clear idea which one you prefer. Every experienced player knows that Biochem and Cybertech are currently amongst the most useful ones, however each and every crafting skill does have its perks and helps a lot in its own way. For your first character, I advice you to not hurry and invest in crafting unles you have researched them and are certain which is your favorite and would give you good benefits. Remember, each one of them needs crafting mats and where do we get them from – Gathering skills, the ones I advised you to start off with After you are past mid levels or even finished with your first character, then ditch one of the gathering skills and start a Crafting you. If you have saved some of the materials (hopefully you weren’t greedy to sell them all on GNT?) now you can start using them stacks and advance through the tiers of the Crafting Skills easier and quicker.

Of course, these are just the first few paragraphs. A lot more will be included in what I hope to be a 10-12 min long video. Don’t forget to check it out when it is released!

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