Google messing with YouTube Comments

YouTube CommentsFor the past few days I have been experiencing issues with YouTube Comments and more specifically the notifications.

I cannot say what the hell is Google doing, but in the process of removing the forced connection between our YouTube accounts and Google Plus, they have been making mistakes and errors, that affect us, the regular YouTube users (watchers, uploaders, trolls :P)

For about 4-5 days now YouTube stopped sending me email notifications and the bell in the top right corner only shows “some” comments. I do my best to stay upto date with all my viewers are saying, asking, commenting about my videos.

If I had missed your comment or a question, it is not because I didn’t want to answer. Hopefully Google will fix the YouTube Comments notifications again, so I will not have to browse manually my latest videos for new comments or rely on the Community tab. If you are interested to learn more about this ongoing problem, check out this thread from the YouTube Help Forums.

One thing I would like to encourage you to do more: Comment on videos from your favorite people you follow. This helps them a lot and ranks up their videos. Feedback is also very important. Being social has become an important part of YouTube’s formulas and calculations deciding if a video needs to be shown more in search results. And, of course, I DO WANT my videos to be shown more often and be enjoyed by more viewers :)))

If you want to ask me something, you can always do that from HERE or by leaving me a message on Facebook and Twitter. :)

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