Gaming YouTube is Live!

gaming youtube


Gaming YouTube is Google’s long awaited new Live Streaming Platform.

Thanks to JimBeam (an old friend of mine from SWTOR) I just learned that Gaming YouTube is live now. It was originally said that the live streaming will only be allowed at first in the US and UK, but for a few weeks now my channels do have access to the new streaming dashboard.

Gaming YouTube was announced to arrive in the Summer of 2015 and Google did not delay it much. The new website looks a bit clumsy at first and it may be strange for the old Twitch veterans (like me :P) to adapt and learn what is what, where things are and how can we modify them, but the strongest features ARE here – TRANSCODING is available, it seems, to EVERYBODY! The chat looks a little improved, though still very primitive. I will let you learn the rest from the links down below.

► Visit My SWTOR Channel on Gaming YouTube and don’t forget to catch me when I test it LIVE!

► Check out the official page for SWTOR Streams and videos.

► Visit the Home Page for Gaming YouTube and browse for many and all kinds of games and gamers.


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