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UberMenu absolutely deserves its name!

A few days ago I have purchased UberMenu to replace the default one my website was using until now. It is a stand alone plugin that enhances immensely the functionality of a standard main menu. After struggling for quite some time researching “Child Themes”, “Residual Styling”, “Menu Manual Integration” and some other new to me terms, I am happy to announce I overcame the issues.

It was tough to discover what and where needed to be edited in the code for a person who has very little knowledge about coding, such as Yours Truly. Some weird colour and style overlapping was occurring until I discovered how useful a Child Theme could be. Then I had to learn what it is and how to best use them to make Theme Updates as well as Custom Edits easy and simple.

The new menu deserved the $25 I paid for it. It offers absolutely all the tweaking I need. After spending some 10-12 hours with it, now I gladly present to you its finished version. Whether you explore it on your own or watch the video first to get a quick tutorial of what is where and why, it’s entirely up to you.

Starting from left to right we have the Home page, News section with a drop-down to display the latest few news, a similar button, but for my Blog post (like the one you are reading currently), then follow the Big Red Drop Down buttons to my 2 YouTube channels displaying the main categories of videos for VulkkSWTOR and VulkkVideos. After them in shy blue is the Live section, where you will find the Embedded Streams for both my YouTube and Twitch Live Shows. In the end are some special and very useful buttons. The Giveaway and Poll are self-explanatory, while in the very right corner of the UberMenu you will find a Search Submenu and 2 Subscription possibilities. First one is to receive an e-mail with any and all new posts I publish on my website, the 2nd one is for my Weekly/Monthly Newsletter (its 2nd edition will be published on 01.09.2015 – tomorrow).

That’s it. Enjoy the video and let me know if you find the new functionality and tools useful and convenient. For any suggestions, questions or just comments, feel free to reach me any time, anywhere :)))

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