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The September 2015 Giveaway competition is online and brings an even bigger reward.

This month I can give more Cartel Coins than the previous one, because quite a few new people have subscribed to the game using my referral link.

The Reward: 4000 SWTOR Cartel Coins!

Thanks for your support, guys! You know why I do this. Obviously there’s the “gain popularity for my channels” reason, but considering the scale of the giveaway (~200 people joined last month), I don’t think I am scoring much here, hehe. Of course, the 2nd reason is to “share back what I have gained through the referral program”.

Without much delay and blabbing, let’s share the link and encourage ALL OF YOU to enter. If you are already following me on Facebook and Twitter, you have an easy entry. The winner will be one person, I will draw it via Gleam’s integrated tool. The announcement will happen in the beginning of October.

Please note, there is an extra rule for this month! If the winning entry is via a “Twitter Post” entry, it will be valid only if your account has at least 5 followers! You can still enter with a “Twitter Login” and “Twitter Follow”, of course.

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