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Hearts of Stone, the first Expansion to The Witcher 3, will be for high level characters

Don’t get me wrong, the title is just a tease/joke ^^

In fact, earlier today PCGamer published an article with more news about the first expansion for The Witcher 3. Based on Tweets from the Devs, it seems that Hearts of Stone will be accessible and available for players level 30 and above. It will not be a direct continuation of the story and can be played both after you finish the main quests or alongside them. It’s upto the player’s personal choice.

The expansion was announced many months ago, so was the 2nd one. While there are still almost no official news about them, this update via twitter that PCGamer spotted, was very useful. Means I have to level up faster, because Hearts of Stone is scheduled to be released in a month!

This is the first news update on the Witcher on my website. I have started a Walkthrough series on my VulkkVideos YouTube channel. You are more than welcome to check them out. Some of the videos contain Commentary Voiceover with tips, suggestions, strategies and just genuine expression of feelings :P

I did a lot of research and preparations, to be able to present you a WALKTHROUGH and not just regular Playthrough. The biggest part of my videos is and will be the Story. The first video is just an introduction, but it contains the very beginning of the plot, so you shouldn’t miss it. I am able to run the game on absolute maximum and am recording it at 1440p resolution, thanks to my latest PC Hardware Upgrade, which gives just about the near perfect chance for you, as a viewer, to see the game the way I see it. I may not be a total Pro at first, but at least it is not the Blind Playthrough I presented with Dragon Age: Inquisition, hehe. This one should be a lot longer and complicated, so sit back and…


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