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Can you reflect a blaster bolt with a Lightsaber? Let’s ask the Mythbusters!

The long lasting and never ending Mythbusters show tackled with something big and real this time. The Science behind the Lightsaber and Star Wars in general. In this episode the guys tried to disprove the myth that a person can reflect a blaster fire with a Lightsaber. The end result is… they did it. Once. Well, not too bad for a non Jedi person, don’t you think?

Missed  the original premiere of the episode (5th September), well, take a look at the links below and possibly look around YouTube for its full version :)

► Check out the short clip, posted by LA Times
► Visit the Discovery website to enjoy a gallery of shots from this episode.
► Many short videos and cutscenes, including the Aftershow material can be found on the Discovery website’s Video section.

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