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Star Wars Episode VIII is being filmed at this moment, in Ireland. That’s right. VIII!

For the first time in History 2 movies bearing the Star Wars title are being filmed while another (3rd) is just a couple months away from its World Premiere (Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens).

The news come from TheForce.Net. Here’s the original post:

It appears there has been a mix up in what has been going on in Ireland these recent weeks with talk about re-shoots taking place on Skellig Michael island off the southern coast of Ireland. It appears that Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that they are indeed shooting Star Wars: Episode VIII. So much for trying to keep that a secret! On a serious note though, this is the first time in history that two Star Wars films are being filmed at the same time that another is getting the finishing touches before its release in under 100 days from now. Life is good!


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