“I can Fly” – Weekly Game #01 (14-20.09.2015)

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“I can Fly” is the title of a new weekly contest, I am starting. It will be a part of my Blog. Reward is 1 Cartel Pack.

Hi, guys. This is a new friendly contest. I came up with the idea quite some time ago and thanks to a suggestion by Manfred, an ex guildie of mine and an old friend from SWTOR. The reward will be 1 Cartel Pack from the latest shipment – any server, any faction (provided by me) + 1 M8 Droid Pet Code (provided by Bioware and Musco). The rewards may change from time to time, the title will be unique every week.

Every Monday (well, hopefully every one!) I’ll dig out an old screenshot from my collection and will ask you a (not so) simple question. It will involve knowing me, following my videos and commentaries and generally being aware of who I am. Or… pure luck and guessing, hehe. All you need to do is type your answer as a comment to this blog post here (not on Facebook or Twitter, I need them all in one place, so I can draw a winner easier)

This week of 14th to 20th September 2015, the title of the game is “I can fly”. You’ll understand why when you check out the picture down below. The question is:

“What was the old and original name of VULKK, my sentinel?

The shot was taken on 28th December 2011. If you are a regular visitor of my Live shows, you have heard me discussing multiple times the server merges and how Bioware took most of my cool character names away with this action.

There are hints down below the picture. Follow them and they will help you :)

I can Fly

► Hint 1 (from my Facebook Page):

Hint 2 (from my Twitter):

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