SWTOR Server Transfers Unavailable… Again

SWTOR Dev Post
SWTOR Server Transfers are unavailable once again, until next Tuesday

I cannot imagine what the folks at Bioware are doing. I myself have never used the Server Transfer feature, but what the hell so complicated is there about it that needs so much work and tweaking.

Anyway, until Patch 3.3.2, Server Transfers are again going to be unavailable. Will update this article with down times as soon as Tait publishes them. Meanwhile you can check out the original post linked below.

Character Transfer Maintenance | 09.18.2015, 08:31 AM

Hey everyone!

We will be bringing Character Transfers offline to perform some additional maintenance tasks leading up to the release of 3.3.2 on Tuesday. Once Tuesday’s maintenance is complete, we will be bringing Transfers back online.

I will have full times for 3.3.2 Maintenance later today.



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