Important Note on Giveaways and Games With Rewards Thumbnail Template - Blog Post

Don’t let me forget your reward or delay it. Remind me when 2 days have passed!

If I ever delay or forget to send you a promised gift from a giveaway or a game, don’t hesitate to poke me. Best do it via the “Contact Me” form on my website, on Facebook or on Twitter. If you send me InGame mail to a character on a server I don’t play, it wont help.

I often forget to make a list what I bought, when and who’s the target for it. Please, excuse me if I delay it from time to time. It’s not intentional. The 1d12 Cooldown on the Cartel Market items is frustrating and a lot of things happen on daily basis. It’s easier to forget than it looks.

I promise to not allow it to happen often, but when it does, be sure to help me and remind me.

Thank you! :)

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