SWTOR Live Streams from TwitchCon

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SWTOR will have its decent cover during TwitchCon. New Fallen Empire gameplay will be shown

You may know these guys. You may not. One thing is important. Most of them are big streamers with a lot of popularity and will hopefully bring new audience and rise the attention for our favorite MMO! Let’s check out the TwitchCon time-table for Friday 25th and Saturday 26th of September. To make it easier for reading and time zone adapting, 10AM PDT is 17:00GMT.

Tune in to Twitch on September 30th for Knights of the Fallen Empire Gameplay Livestream | 09.24.2015, 08:05 AM

Friday, September 25:

10:00 AM (PDT): Lulaboo

11:00 AM: Towelliee

12:00 PM: ZombiUnicorn

2:00 PM: LadyInsanity

3:00 PM: OMGitsfirefoxx

Saturday, September 26:

10:00 AM (PDT): LobosJR

12:00 PM: JediConsular

2:00 PM: Aureylian

3:00 PM: JoblessGamers

All of them should be available on SWTOR’s Twitch channel. Or so the Devs promised.

And then, on 30th September THIS will happen. Don’t miss out. Plenty of time for Bioware to slip in some interesting news or cough up some valuable information. Willingly or by mistake :)

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