Nvidia’s 355.98 Driver may cause issues with SWTOR

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Reports of issues while playing SWTOR (and other games) with Nvidia’s latest GameReady Driver 355.98 appeared recently

In this post from the SWTOR Subreddit, member cisconetdude alarms of possible issues with the latest video card drivers while playing SWTOR. It may not be global, but related to some specific hardware configurations or some GPUs only. Be careful when/IF you update.

Here’s the full quote:

I have found an issue in the new 355.98 drivers. While running any game the video memory on your card get filled and crashes the system when you hit 100% memory usage, it seems there is no mechanism in the drivers to flush the video memory. I have tested this with multiple programs. some programs do not fill this memory very quickly, others like SWTOR does if your on a speeder bike. If I tab to the desktop and then back into the game memory flushes and start to clime again.

For reference, I am still using the older version of the driver (355.82) on GTX 980 Ti and have no issues at all with SWTOR. As a matter of fact, I attempted to install the new driver a couple days ago, got a BSOD and that was it. Decided to remain on the older one.

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