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There’s a simple method to purchase the SWTOR Bundle from Amazon, even if you are not in the US

A couple days ago Bioware announced a new great bundle of cool items related to SWTOR. Sadly, the item had a restriction – US only, it said. I have no clue why Bioware keeps ignoring their SWTOR fans and players outside of the US. They released similar bundles already a few times in the past. Always with great discount, always with great things inside.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire Starter Pack – Amazon Bundle [Online Game Code]


This one includes ALL digital expansions (mhm, KOTFE is in here too), a code for 90 days of prepaid subscription and a code for 2400 Cartel Coins.

Now, everybody is on about the fact that these expansions all are either F2P or free for subscribers. Well, let’s make a simple calculation. 90 days of sub is ~$45, the code for 2400CC is ~$20 (from This Bundle costs total of $40. The conclusion – these expansions there are just for the background and to make the picture look cooler, really. Also, the 90 days of Sub will get you at least until the Christmas Holidays and that’s a long time, really.

By the way, 3rd party vendors such as G2A sell Game Time Cards and Cartel Coins cheaper. If you use my links, you can also use code “VULKK” for extra 3% off! Check back regularly, they often drop to even lower prices.

How you do this, if it’s locked to only US? Simple. Use an US address for your registration. While I have not done it, because I myself an an active subscriber and don’t need Cartel Coins (I don’t use CC for myself and get plenty from Referrals to Give Away already), here’s a tweet with a suggestion:

You could ask a friend or a guild member to help you and get it for you.

It all started from this Tweet I posted on my 2nd Twitter account (dedicated to useful links and shares only), which was Retweeded by @SWTOR and got more popular.

This action may not be considered exactly legal and be looked at as fraud or theft! If you use the method, it’s on your own will.

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