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So far Bioware was stingy with new publishes and reveals about Knights of the Fallen Empire. Today all this changes. They are having a 2 hour long Live Stream on Twitch and will reveal many new technical and mechanical details about the upcoming expansion to SWTOR. If you have missed something, here’s my summary of what I consider most important news and updates. If I have missed something, feel free to add it as a link or just a text comment.

SWTOR 4.0 KOTFE Updates:

SWTOR: KotFE Confirmed – Preview and Analysis (Video)

► SWTOR KOFTE Update 1: Subscription Rewards, Early Access, Story (Video)

► SWTOR KOTFE Update 2: The New Faction, Fresh 60, Craft, Story (Video)

► SWTOR KOTFE Update 3: Operations and Flashpoints in Patch 4.0 (Video)

► SWTOR KOTFE Update 4: Darth Malgus is Alive! (Video)

► SWTOR 4.0 KOTFE Update 5: No More EV & KP NiM, Class Changes, Conquest (Video)

► SWTOR 4.0 Class Changes – Summary (Articles + Videos)

► SWTOR 4.0 Commendations Changes in Fallen Empire (Article)

► Nico Okarr New Information (Article)

► SWTOR 4.0 Story and Writing Video (Article + Video)

► Conquest Changes coming with SWTOR 4.0 (Article)

► Origin SWTOR Story will impact Fallen Empire (Article)

► Datacrons will be bound to Legacy Soon (Article)

Most of the articles, listed above, are covered in my video updates, it’s up to you which one you prefer to check out.

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