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It’s a hard job listing all things you like and want people to hear about!

I have created a new page for my website today. It’s called “Wohoo” (as in Homer Simpson’s expression of happiness). I think it’s catchy and will provoke the interest of the visitor who has no clue what this is.

Originally it was supposed to be called “Links” or “Deals”, but you have to agree, those are very banal and boring.

On the top half I have included some nice discounts and hot deals related to SWTOR, Battlefront and Witcher 3 as well as a few banners to portals where I am a partner and can offer various discounts or just a guarantee of good service, because I have tested them myself and know they are legit and serious websites where you can purchase your next game or software.

On the lower half of the page I want to place a comprehensive list of various Podcasts, Blogs and Websites, mainly about SWTOR, but not only. This is where I NEED YOUR HELP! If you know a website, blog or podcast that I have not listed yet (I keep adding as I find free time), please contact me. Or, even better, if you are an owner of a website, blog or podcast, provide me with a link via the contact form on the website and I will list it right away. Please, also include a very short description of 1 sentence with only a few words, so I can fit in in one row.

Thanks! :)

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