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JediConsular is one of the first people who streamed SWTOR back in 2012

If my memory serves me well, he was one of the first people I have ever watched playing my favorite game on Twitch. Today I found a very nice long post from him on Reddit. He shared his experience and observations from the recent TwitchCon where Bioware was featured on Amazon for 2 days and they had several big time streamers (mostly not very related to our game) to sit down with them and play parts of Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 1, the next Digital Expansion to SWTOR.  JediConsulr had his time with the game and the team on the 2nd day and we played a Shadow Infiltration. Here’s what JediConsular said, this here is a quote of the most important parts, for the rest, visit the original post on Reddit, linked above:

How did I get the opportunity?

I actually just happen to live near San Francisco and decided to attend Twitchon. I wasn’t paid to stream or anything. It was just a coincidence that I was going to be at the convention and there was an opening in the streaming booth for an old familiar face. I’ve also attended multiple cantina tours in CA, as well as the play test/press event at Redwood Shores for the GSF release.


The Stream:

It is my belief that the stream was really geared towards people who may be watching that have never played SWTOR. I didn’t have any of my key binds setup, I ran with the stock UI and a few others options were not “preferred” to me. However, I didn’t want to change too many of these as many of the other people demoing the game off stream should be able to get to experience the game as they might if they had just downloaded it. I think that was the whole idea of the stream, to show potential players what the game would be like if they were new to the game or just starting the game again.

I would have absolutely loved to import my key binds/UI settings and actually change my shadow to Kinetic (I haven’t played infiltration since 1.2 probably) but it was easier setup wise to just run it as default.

I think the biggest thing that people need to understand is that they most likely chose streamers who already have an established audience in various games to show the new story play through. Also, all of those streamers were already attending Twitchcon for various other reasons, it’s not as if they were specifically there for SWTOR. I would assume this was done in the hope that if those streamers said they liked the new expansion, then their fan base might be more willing to try the game for the first time or give it another try. Streamers like the ones they used may not be the absolute best at the game but they may be able to bring people to the game if their viewers see them enjoying it.

As far as my own stream goes, I was really there to gameplay test the new story myself and share that story with whoever was watching at the time. There was a device set up to read chat, but it was the Amazon Twitch channel chat(again, the setup was done by Amazon and not BW). I snuck the SWTOR twitch page chat up on my phone and tried to interact as much as I could but I preferred to mute my mic during the cut scenes (which most of the story was). Most of the VoDs are almost identical with slight variations of choice in story decisions. The stream wasn’t intended to be an in depth over view of all the new ability/class changes, the updates to the companion system, UI editor, stats, etc. I’m guessing the stream tomorrow on the 30th may be a bit more helpful in that department (hopefully). I basically got to try out the first chapter of the new expansion and then I went and enjoyed the rest of Twitchcon with my friends.

Overall it was a good experience. I’m a long time player and will definitely be continuing to play it after this expansion is released. If you have any questions about Chapter 1 or what it was like at Twitchcon I’d be more than happy to answer them.

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