Star Wars Battlefront Beta Resolution Limits for Consoles


The Beta runs at significantly limited resolutions on consoles

As soon as the Star Wars Battlefront Beta event started, it became clear that yet again the console gamers will feel the severe hardware limits. On PlayStation 4 it is fixed at 900p, even worse for XBOX One, where the resolution is only 720p.
We all know that such limits don’t exist for PC, so, obviously, I ran my Beta yesterday on all graphics maxed at 140p60 with absolutely no issues. The game does look nice, but is far from breath taking. The maps available during this event don’t feature much of a moving elements, such as foliage, grass.
The expectations of the developers to be able to run it at Full HD 1080p, will most likely not be a reality for launch, because Star Wars Battlefront opens its doors on 17th November 2015 and that’s way too soon for any serious fixes and upgrades to be made. Maybe in a future patch? We’ll see.

By the way, if you spot a JediAAK player, say “Hi!” to yours friend Vulkk :D

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