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During the Third Northern War, Radovid V was the only living monarch able to stand against The Nifgaard.

In my first post I introduced the big Map of the Northern Kingdoms. The Third Northern war tool place there and now it is time to learn a little more about 2 of the regions taking part in it – Temeria and its neighbour Redania.

Third Northern War

Northern_KingdomsIt was called Third, because that was the number of attempts The Niflgaardian Empire made to conquer the Northern Kingdoms.

Nilfgaard had by 6 months into the conflict conquered Lyria and Rivia, Aedirn, Temeria, and crossed the Pontar river intoKaedwen. With King Henselt of Kaedwen dead, the king of Redania, Radovid V, annexed Kaedwen. A large indecisive battle in Velen caused a stalemate in the area, as well as heavy devastation of the region. Both Redania and the Nilfgaardian Empire limit their presence in Velen to a few outposts and patrols, preferring easier defensive positions instead of trying to control Velen, and trying to make the free city of Novigrad turn to their side.

Radovid V The Stern

Radovid VRadovid V the Stern is the current King of Redania. He is the son of Vizimir II of Redania and Hedwig of Malleore, and thus a brother of Dalimira and Milena.
Depending on the player’s choices in The Witcher, he is possibly married to Princess Adda the White, the oldest child of King Foltest of Temeria. And, depending on the player’s choices in The Witcher 2, he may also be in possession of Foltest’s other surviving child, Anaïs La Valette. If either are true, he is the most obvious successor to the Temerian crown.

He bears a deep hatred of mages. His father Vizimir II the Just was secretly assassinated during Radovid’s infancy by the sorceress advisor Philippa Eilhart, who then assumed the regency in his name, and dominated and demeaned him throughout his youth. After he assumed the crown, his father-in-law, King Foltest, as well as King Demavend of Aedirn, were both murdered in plots in which mages (the Lodge of Sorceresses) were deeply implicated. King Henselt ofKaedwen was also the target of a murder by agents associated withe Lodge. The Third Northern War began very soon afterward, wherein the North was subjected to a bloody invasion by the Nilfgaardian Empire – with whom the mages appeared to be in league: their efforts in weakening the North through regicide appeared to have been coordinated with the Imperial invasion.
In consequence, Radovid V set out to purge all mages and magic users from his realms, confiscating their wealth and using it against Nilfgaard. He became known as ‘The Stern’ for his merciless, unforgiving nature and brooding demeanor.

Unknown to him, the Lodge only wished to assassinate King Demavend, not Foltest or Henselt, and was not in fact conspiring with Nilfgaard. However, Philippa Eilheart did in fact almost certainly assassinate his father. At the Summit of Loc Muinne, Radovid at last caught up with Eilheart, blinding her in punishment, but she escaped before she could be executed for treason and regicide.

In the Third Northern War, the young king shows himself to be a masterful military commander and strategic genius. After the collapse of Temeria and Aedirn (whose rulers had been assassinated), he quickly defeats Kaedwen and unites the remaining forces of the North under a single command – managing to stalemate the (far larger) Nilfgaardian forces at the Pontar river. If he survives, he eventually leads Northern armies to a crushing victory, uniting the entire North down to the Yaruga under his rule (with the presumed exception of Kovir). This places him among the most successful Northern monarchs of all time.

Despite this, many characters in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt claim Radovid has gone mad, that his ruthless persecution of mages is a sign of insanity. Geralt seems to agree. Sigismund Dijkstra claims this “madness” will bode ill for the future of Redania, and plots to become chancellor of Redania and rule the North himself. Dijkstra does not support Radovid, in spite of having been driven from the Redanian court in fear for his life by Philippa Eilhart.


RedaniaOne of the Northern Kingdoms, Redania is a wealthy realm which profits from trade and agriculture. The capital city of Redania is Tretogor. Oxenfurt, with the largest university in the Northern Kingdoms, as well as the free city of Novigradare also located in Redania. The kingdom’s neighbours are Kovir, Caingorn,Kaedwen, Aedirn and Temeria.

For ages, Redania has fought a customs war with Temeria, its primary rival in the North. The country possesses the best intelligence network in the world. The government of Redania is also heavily influenced by sorceresses.

King Vizimir II of Redania was assasinated during the Second Nilfgaard War. During the interregnum, the country was ruled by a Regency Council headed bySigismund Dijkstra, the head of Redanian Intelligence and Philippa Eilhart, head of the Lodge of Sorceresses. In the Witcher 3, King Radovid V sent his troops to invade Kaedwen and a declared a witch hunt to persecute mages while fighting against Nilfgaard.


TemeriaThe kingdom of Temeria lies south of the river Pontar. Its neighbors areRedania, Kerack, Kaedwen, Aedirn, Mahakam, Lower Sodden, Brokilon Forest and Cidaris. One of the fiefdoms of Temeria is the dukedom of Ellander and the magical Thanedd Island, with a school for young female adepts of magic located off the shore of the kingdom. Temeria is the strongest (next to Kaedwen) of theNorthern Kingdoms and played a key role in the first two wars against Nilfgaard. Temeria was ruled by King Foltest and its capital is Vizima.


In many quests and contracts during my Witcher 3 Walkthrough Geralt will encounter various characters from these areas and/or involved into the Third Northern War. I hope you are enjoying the series. If you haven’t seen any of the videos yet, better start with the very first episode, mm? Or, if you have played (seen it elsewhere) the whole Witcher 3, start directly froom The Hearts of Stone Expansion series. Here’s Episode 1 – “Evil’s First Soft Touches, Part I”

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