SWTOR Fallen Empire Full Walkthrough – Jedi Knight

A complete WALKTHROUGH with commentary of Fallen Empire Story. Republic Side, Jedi Knight perspective, Light Side choices.

This full walkthrough of the Fallen Empire storyline is recorded in very high resolution for YouTube only. The episodes were not live streamed on Twitch. My commentary is more focused on guiding the player, because I have experienced the story already. It is called a “Walkthrough” for a reason.

The series cover absolutely everything about the Fallen Empire epic story from the REPUBLIC Light Side Jedi Knight point of view. With the 1440p60 and very high bitrate you will be able to enjoy the game in its full scale. Everything is set to max and the framerate is perfectly smooth and fluent.

I have also edited special episodes with ONLY THE CINEMATICS from each Chapter.

My Full Playlist on YouTube


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