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With an entry for “Visit my Website. Sign up for Newsletter and Mail Updates.” the winner of this month’s price – SWTOR Cartel Store Items in the amount of 5000 Cartel Coins, the winner is:

October 2015: Vulkk’s Monthly Giveaway – SWTOR 5000 CC

Congratulations to Marc C. I will be sending them email with details on what information I need in order for them to receive their price. Next Month’s Giveaway Contest is going live in the next few days. Stay tuned! The reward(s) will be different, the requirements to enter – very similar, just like always.

Don’t miss the Weekly Games also.

Thank you all for joining. Good luck to all in the November Competition!

Remember, I have the Cartel Coins to give away thanks to the many players using my Referral code and Subscribing to SWTOR. If you’d like to get 7 days free Subscription and everything unlocked, give it a try:

Vulkk SWTOR Referral Link

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