A Few Clarifications on Level 60 Character Token

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Who is eligible, when can you get your token back, is it a bug?

Tait Watson posted a long Dev Post on one of the MANY threads on the official forums about the Level 60 Character Creation tokens. I have to admit, except for the bugs, most of the issues come from the fact that Bioware kind of failed to explain properly and show to all players what are the limitations of these tokens, when they can be returned, how can they be used, what the bugs are and more.

Here’s the list of things you should consider when purchasing and/or attempting to return a token.

KOTFE Level 60 character creation is bugged | 11.13.2015, 11:38 AM

Hey everyone!

Over the past few days we’ve seen a marked increase in the number of players submitting Start@60 tickets related to getting their tokens returned, including a number of people who deleted level 61-65 characters expecting to get a token back. So, to reiterate what Eric explained, but also to try and clarify what to expect, here’s a list of things to consider:

  1. If you are subscribed using a 7-day Referral, you are not eligible for KotFE, nor do you receive a Start@60 token. If you convert to a full subscription, KotFE, 2 additional character slots and a Start@60 token will then be granted to your account.
  2. If you use the token and level the character to 61 or higher, you are no longer eligible for a token refund. Deleting your character at that point is the same as deleting any other character you have created. If you need to restore one of these characters, you will have to submit a request to Customer Service.
  3. If you did delete a Level 61 or higher character and thought you would have your token returned, please be aware that Customer Service will simply restore the character you deleted. Due to the number of people who made this mistake, it’s going to take a number of days to get through the queue. Please be patient.
  4. If you again delete the character restored by Customer Service, thinking it will generate a new token, we’ve instructed Customer Service not to restore the character a second time. This is the same policy followed for all character restorations. Please use caution when deleting your characters (this is one of the key reasons we ask you to type DELETE before we actually remove a character from your list).
  5. Submitting multiple tickets about the same issue will not help your situation. Tickets are being handled in the order they were received, but submitting a new ticket may lower your priority in the queue. We are working closely with Customer Service to get everyone’s tickets handled. Again, please continue to be patient.

Thanks for your understanding!


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