Star Wars The Force Awakens TV Spot #2 – “Discover” (Official) Thumbnail Template - Star Wars News

New short TV Spot #2 appeared today on the official Star Wars YouTube channel

As the premiere of Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens comes closer and closer, it becomes ever so hard to withstand the temptation and stay unaware of all leaks, story hints and all other sorts of details. Let’s say it like this, it gets harder and harder for us, the crazy Hard Core Strar Wars Fans as we wait for December 18th.

After I am now done with the lyric side-step, I want to show you the trailer, or as they called it, “TV Spot”, you came here for. This one is called “Discover” and is ~30 seconds long. More than enough to remind us why we are all going crazy over the upcoming December event :)

[iframe id=””]

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