First Star Wars Battlefront Expansion comes in early 2016


First Battlefront Expansion will be available via Season Pass

The first expansion for Star Wars Battlefront will be released in the first months of 2016. It will be a part of the content pack available with Season Pass, its retail price is $50, but we all know that platforms such as G2A will offer it much cheaper.

Four new heroes and villains will be added via paid DLCs, even thought we still don’t know their identities. Alongside those, 16 new battle maps will be released, 4 new game types and over 20 new designs of weapons and gear.

Before all that, EA is releasing one FREE DLC called “Battle of Jakku in December 2015, 8th to be more exact. You may remember that this DLC was a part of a special pre-order promotion.

The Game is currently available on Amazon for $60 (Standard) and $70 (Deluxe). On G2A you can find it for a bit less. The huge promotion ended with the pre-orders (it was available for $40), now its price is $46.


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