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CD Projekt RED announced the top 3 tracks from their Witcher Music Contest

The company responsible for me and many like me spending 100s of hours at the PC (or console) instead of studying, working or… doing something else, had just announced the top 3 tracks form the recently finished “The Witcher 3 Music Contest”.

Here are the tracks, accompanied with short description, taken directly from the official news feed. The article was published on 19th November 2015.

First Place: Michał Juchno – “Wild Heart”
“We appreciate the mature and unconventional composition of this track – thanks to this, it has an elegant and modern character. This was one of the most astonishing and interesting pieces that we received.”
► Listen to the track here.
Second place: EM3S – “Killing Monsters”
“If Geralt had lived in the 21st century, he would have listened to this piece while fighting a horde of monsters. We really like the blend of aggressive electronic vibes mixed with organic sounds from the world of The Witcher.”
► Listen to the track here.
Third Place: Rich Douglas – “Fall of Novigrad”
“Should Novigrad be ever sieged, this is how it would sound! The unique character of the piece evokes the feeling of imminent threat, while the choir and brass parts give it a heroic feel.”
► Listen to the track here.
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