SWTOR Events during the December 2015 Holidays

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I posted them once before, but since Eric Musco reposted them, why wouldn’t I do the same.

Here are the special weekly SWTOR Events (nothing new) starting next Tuestay:

► The Old Republic in December | 12.02.2015, 10:01 PM

Hey folks,

There are quite a lot of things that will be going on in-game during the month of December. We wanted to share all of them with you so you know when to get in on the action.


  • Dec 8 – Dec 15: Relics of the Gree
  • Dec 8 – Jan 5: Log in for 4th Anniversary Rewards!
  • Dec 15 – Dec 22: The Rakghoul Plague
  • Dec 15 – Jan 5: Life Day
  • Dec 18 – Jan 1: Double XP
  • Dec 22 – Dec 29: Bounty Contract Week

For Life Day this year we have made a few changes to the rewards. All previously available rewards, including some items previously only available on the Cartel Market, are available for purchase with Snow-Covered Parcels from the Master of Ceremonies on each Faction’s Fleet. Additionally, we have a few new Cartel Market items in honor of Life Day and one of them might be a tank that shoots snowballs, seriously.


  • Dec 8: Relics of the Gree
  • Dec 15: Rakghoul Resurgence
  • Dec 22: Death Mark
  • Dec 29: The Balance of Power

That is everything coming to you in December. Don’t forget about all of the subscriber rewards you can become eligible for in January as well. Thanks everyone.


And as a short addition, Eric explained in another Dev Post more about the “4th Anniversary Rewards”

The rewards will be announced later this week, I will edit the link in when that happens. I accidentally left that part in the post, I removed it for now to avoid any confusion.

Thanks for catching that!


I hope that you have not forgotten about MY OWN special December Monthly SWTOR Giveaway?

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