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Join us live for the Unholy Alliance SWTOR Holiday Party

Very late tonight, 4am my local time (18 PST), I will be joining a special Christmas Party hosted by Unholy Alliance Guild on Harbinger. @UnhollyAlliances invited me as a special guest. I mean, I do have a couple characters in the guild, but I rarely play on the Harbinger server due to time zone difference and latency issues.

Tonight’s party will be very funny, loud and funky!

If you are awake in this late hour for EU, or if you are around in this fine afternoon for US, or… if you are willing to join us from any part of the world, be sure to stop by my Twitch Channel and share the entertainment our hosts have prepared.

Lots of gifts and rewards will be flying around the Team Speak chat room. It will also be public and you can join not only the games, but the audio conversation as well.

See you in a few hours :)

Unholy Alliance SWTOR Holiday Party

► 18:00 PST

► Harbinger Server

TeamSpeak:  Password: harbinger


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