SWTOR Tips and Tricks: Video Tutorials and Guides


Simple SWTOR Tips to make your game experience better

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This collection presents short video tutorials with useful SWTOR tips to help newer players make the game better & more fun. Ideas and Suggestions on how to improve performance, access the game files, edit UI and more. Here is the link to the full Playlist on YouTube. I am adding new videos to the collection here as soon as I publish them (newest videos appear to the top of the list). Leave me a comment with your thoughts – did the specific video, that you watched, help you, did I give good instructions, did you learn something new about your favorite game today. :)

If you have suggestions and topics you’d like to see explained or shown, I am open to your suggestions and ideas.

Click on the thumbnail to open the stand-alone video page for each of my tutorials. It will open in a new browser tab, so you’ll have this page opened and ready for the next video. Don’t forget the LIKE button on YouTube! :)


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