YTG starts the new year with a few interesting updates and important changes

I have been following YTG‘s SubReddit for a couple months now and I must say it is surprising to see the developers’ involvement with the cummunity there. About once each month they publish a short post with updates what they have done and plan to do. Being a regular user on the creator side of YTG, I do notice easily the improvements as they happen, but for most of my viewers they may not seem so obvious. Let’s take a look at the original post, shall we?

► YouTube Gaming Changelog – January 2016

Hey everyone! Dropping a quick update on things to come. We are starting work on our upcoming app version 1.3, which will come with a better navigation structure and a page that shows games that are being live streamed. We recently launched a change on the desktop site to load watch pages faster. Our team is also improving the recommendation algorithm of live videos and continuing to ramp up promos to YTG. And updates to the Android live player are coming soon to provide smoother playback and manual quality switching.

On the creator side, we recently added a game title field in the video editor for all videos and streams. We also launched a significant elimination of the game title delay and are now properly copying monetization settings between stream now and the archive. Finally, we have been gradually rolling out sponsorships to more streamers (e.g. Typical Gamer, Team Epiphany, EWNetwork).

What does this tell me and you?

First, very needed page loading time have been improved. It’s important for both the viewer and the live streamer. Second, the game title update was a pain in the ass in November and partially in December 2015. At some point in the beginning if 2016 I noticed the title updates to happen a lot smoother and easier. It was annoying for all of us when I was streaming SWTOR and you had to read “Streaming Witcher 3” or the other way around.

There are many more things from both categories “casual QoL updates” and “vital urgent and desperately needed”. I would add a few I’d personally like to see ASAP in both categories (btw, their names are made up, don’t you even for a moment think Google actually structured their updates and priorities like this, lol).

casual QoL updates

  • Availability to delete custom made thumbnail
  • Easier and Quicker way to create Highlights while NOT streaming
  • Better Social Newrork advertisement tools

vital urgent and desperately needed

  • Shorter delay between live action and video result
  • Better tools for creation of plugins
  • More incentives for streaming to YTG, such as partnerships and sponsorships

The lists would keep growing if I let my hand go free, but that’s just a glimpse :)

That was all for this blog post. I’ll see you on my next Live Show! If you want to receive notifications for all my activities on YouTube, click the banner below.

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