This homemade Headphone Stand I made is very simple, cheap and works perfectly

A quick search on Amazon shows that the pricing of a simple and functional Headphone stand (headphone is a headset without a mic and vise versa, if someone is wondering, just in case :P) costs ~$20-$30. Well, there are exceptions like this one, but it has its reasons for the price tag of $50 :)

About an year ago I decided to see if something cheaper can be done… homemade style. Here it is:

The easiest way to make it is to glue a few pieces of MDF together. It’s what mine is made of. There is no real need to put anything on the sides, but if you want to protect (depending on the MDF sheets you can find) the sides of the wooden parts, you may want to apply something. It’s important to have a wide and long enough stand, otherwise the headphones may wobble and even fall down at some point from even the slightest vibration on your desk or table. I, of course, got some MDF from the local store and everybody should do that, but just for comparison, here’s what a basic search on Amazon shows for MDF pricing. The foam on the top is to protect both the wooden handle and the headphones. The little “nail”, which is wooden as well, is to serve as a holding element for the headset to not slip. You can either just glue something in the place of that “nail” or nail a real one. What I did is drill a wide hole without reaching the bottom, put some glue into it and inserted the wooden “nail” My apologies, I just couldn’t come up with a better description of it to replace the word “nail” :P

Yes, it’s not exactly a competition to the retail ones in terms of style, design and beauty, but unless you want it for your office or you have too many strangers and visitors in your home, why would you care about its looks at all?

The reason for this blog post was a comment posted on another blog post I made about my Desk Tour. Take a look if you are interested to learn what I have on my desk and why every single item is there, what is its purpose and how I came to put it here :)

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