$100 in SWTOR Rewards for my Followers and Subscribers :)

81y6KZ0yJML._SL1500_On Amazon this amount of CC is worth exactly $99.99. There are 3 major events that will help me spread this amount of Cartel Coins in the next few days. This all, of course, will not go to one person.


January 2016 is to be (eventually!) my biggest and most successful month since I started my Patreon Campaign. I have reached the biggest number of Patrons yet *(15) and all the pledges are going to serve for Hardware and Production quality upgrades. The website still hasn’t finished processing, but I expect 14 pledges to go through and 1 to not (that one has been denied for months, not sure why). According to the tiers and pledges, my calculations show that I am to give away rewards in the amount of 7500 Cartel Coins this month!

The January 2016 Monthly SWTOR Giveaway

Initially I announced a prize for the winner to be in the amount of 3000 Cartel Coins Later I updated it and it ended up being double that amount. We already know the winner and he will be happy to receive items for a total amount of the whooping 6000 Cartel Coins.

The rest of you, guys, who didn’t get the lucky draw, I welcome you to the February 2016 SWTOR Giveaway. It will happen, as always on Gleam (don’t forget to Subscribe to it, so you will automatically receive a reminder when a new competition starts) and will begin in the next 2-3 days only to last until the end of February.

The “Desk Tour in Pictures Giveaway

This spontaneous mini giveaway is related to my article regarding the “new” desk tour. I say new, but it’s not exactly so new. Just a few touches were added such as the Microphone and its boom arm stand. The prize is 1000 Cartel Coins and the dead-line is tomorrow 3rd February. What you have to do to enter, I explained in this video.

The total amount

Is in the whooping 14500 Cartel Coins, which like the sub-title says, is worth exactly $99.99 on Amazon.com. All this is possible thanks to the good players who are using my Referral link to Subscribe to our favorite game. You know I don’t use the Cartel Store for my own needs (with a couple very rare exceptions), so all these Cartel Coins are going for various Giveaways.

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