What do you want the most from SWTOR?
What keeps you coming back to the game?
Best Class Story 1-50?

Here are 3 excellent questions. I found them asked in 2 polls recently posted to the SWTOR Reddit. The answers were more than expected.

swtor reddit poll 1In the first poll the player base clearly stats that we want more and new PvE content or a SWTOR 2 (because, you know, that thing that only looks like a game engine, but isn’t). While PvP is important to the most vocal part of the community – the active forum users, they are also usually (not just in SWTOR) the minority number-wise. I know, it’s hard to accept, but there is a vast number of casual players who would probably not even know of the existence of the forums or Reddit, but they do enjoy their own game in their own pace and style. These players, however, are listed and accounted for in the Developer’s “metrics”. Ah, the metrics. Those statistics that Bioware often refers to when it comes to decisions and explanations of “why did we ruin this, but fixed that” sort. :)

The second poll illustrates the truth and real reason behind Bioware’s decision to swtor reddit poll 2go for Story in Fallen Empire. The question was long, yet simple: “Of all the wonderful aspects of SWTOR, what part keeps you coming back for more? (Sub/non-sub)”. The title itself tells us it was written by a player who enjoys story and loves the game as it is now. Well, I do too, but no, it wasn’t me who posted the poll :P

What SWTOR does best – Story, takes the lead with a serious advantage before the 2nd best spot arrives, occupied by the “I love EndGame PvE and PvP and do it often”.

The third poll is the most interesting, I believe, from the new starting player’s point of view. The answer to the ever so frequent question of which class story is the best, is more than clear, according to the results so far. Imperial Agent takes the lead with a very serious advantage ahead of the 2nd best – Sith Warrior. I am sad to see my personal favorite, the Warrior story exactly, losing so badly,but, hey. Every player has their own opinion. I could not disagree, though, the Agent story is swtor reddit poll 3fantastic and hides great drama, interesting missions and very important decisions that bring consequences.

Why does everybody seem to hate Trooper story? Without giving away spoilers, I would say it has the most interesting beginning. The Smuggler is ranked also fairly low. When I first played it, I choose a female character who had a sense of heroism and honesty, instead the traditional “I like pie and drinks” philosophy, so typical for the average smuggler’s persona. I too felt the story a bit disconnected, strange, pointless and un-entertaining (what kind of a word is this? D’OH!). On my 2nd playthrouhg, though, I made a male character and lived the life of the most typical smuggler you could encounter in the Star Wars universe. I had a blast!

All this text I just wrote is to show and tell that regardless of what others may suggest, your personal favorite story doesn’t have to match the popular opinion of the majority of players.

So, what do you think? Did you vote on these two already?

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