Can You Run SWTOR like a beast? Let’s check it!

My SWTOR runs %400 better than it should!?

While browsing the Star Citizen SubReddit for latest news and updates on the game, I clicked a few external links, watched a few videos and suddenly stumbled upon GameDebate’s PC System Requirements tool. Tested how my Hardware is supposed to fare in Star Citizen. You can imagine my reactions were not exactly of a thrilled and excited person as the tool pretty much told me I should leave all hope for the “To be finished one day” game to run at least relatively smooth on an “ancient” PC configuration, such as mine.

Now, let’s talk Star Wars The Old Republic and more specifically the PC System Requirements Test I ran using the same tool from GameDebate. It has a number of SWTOR variations and I choose what I considered to be the most up to date and latest test – Knights of the Fallen Empire.

Here’s my result: LINK

run swtor

Well, I like this. My PC can run my favorite game at 350%-400% compared to what it should according to this tool. Please, don’t pay too much attention to my recent complaints about the game’s engine. It’s not since yesterday and we all know it is the biggest problem (or a bug :P) the game has had since years before it even launched, hehe.

So, I am very curious to see your results! Let’s see how the game fares on various systems and combinations of hardware components… umm… according to this tool, not based on real performance observations :D

Actually, I did some Benchmarking of SWTOR recently (well, it was for Patch 3.2.1, when Bioware announced “Performance Improvements” in the Patch notes). Want to check them out?

SWTOR Performance Improvised Test #01 (Patch 3.3.2)   SWTOR Performance Improvised Test #02: Operations and Warzones (Improvements in Patch 3.3.2)

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