I never expected I’d want to own these Witcher Statues so badly

TF-2016-Dark-Horse-036 witcher statuesJust found out from the Witcher 3 SubReddit that in September a new set of Witcher Statues based on the characters from the game will be available from DarkHorse. So far in my home the only statues have been Star Wars and some very old Transformers robots form 20+ years ago.

TF-2016-Dark-Horse-060Well, the new Geralt, Yennefer, Triss and Eredin sure look amazing, don’t you think? They are a little on the expensive side with a price tag of $30, but oh well… next time I travel to the UK I’ll be sure to look around for one (too expensive to order international delivery).

When I was starring the game, I thought (and said so in the very first video I published about it) that I will take it slow, I wont spend much time in it, and do it just for the fun, as a casual stroll aside from my big MMO love (*cough* SWTOR, Duh!).

How about you? If you enjoy the Witcher world, stories and games, I bet you are drooling over the pictures already. Just like I am! :)))

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