Darkest Dungeon March 2016 Update: Town Events delayed

The developers shared their reasons for the Town Events release delay

On 8th March, Mother’s Day (at least for us, here in Bulgaria :P), we were supposed to see the release of 2 major new features in the already very rich with content Darkest Dungeon – Town Events and The Antiquarian class.

  • The ‘Antiquarian’ is the final name for the ‘Merchant’ class – a hero designed to help make your runs more lucrative (treasure bonuses), but also a bit riskier due to the class being underpowered in combat.
  • ‘Town Events’ are designed to add variety to the Hamlet over the course of a campaign.  Upon returning from an expedition, there is a chance for a thematic event to trigger in town – this functions akin to a deck of event cards.

Based on the Dev Post from the official website, the Town Events are pushed back and here are the 2 major reasons for this:

Community Input.Our community is incredible!  Since starting up work on Town Events, we’ve been reading great suggestions and ideas. While the original plan would have been fine, there is increasing excitement around the feature and consequently, we want a little more time to make the system more robust.  This will also allow us to look at implementing some of our community-generated ideas!

Grind. Losing high level parties can be a big hurdle to come back from, and this discourages some people from continuing with the late game. While we fully intend to keep the overall deadliness in the game, there are a couple things we are looking at and we feel that it is important to take some action on that front prior to introducing new unrelated features.  Specifically, we are looking at making some higher level heroes available in the Stagecoach in certain conditions, as well as some other tweaks.

Here’s what information we have about the Antiquarian:

The Antiquarian is the final name for what we’ve been referring to as the Merchant Class for some time now.  This is the final character class to be added to the game proper, and we have something special planned for her!

Whereas most classes come looking for a fight, the Antiquarian is only interested in collecting treasures found in the dungeons.  She is not proficient in combat, instead adding value to the party by increasing its profitability!  Don’t rely on her to dish out the punishment – she has no training whatsoever in terms of martial ability.

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