Everything about SWTOR KOTFE Chapter 11: Disavowed and Patch 4.2

Chapter XI’s all choices, both sides, various classes and roles

SWTOR’s Fallen Empire Chapter XI Storyline is already released and here I present to you a selection of videos – full playthroughs and walkthroughs, cinematics, and highlights from the best moments and decisions your character can and should make.

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To watch any of the videos, click on the thumbnails. It will open a new tab on your browser, so you can have this one opened for the next video you choose to view. :)


This was my first Playthrough of the chapter and I was surprised at how much different and more pleasant it felt compared to Chapter X. Most likely because of the lack of Ambushes on every corner. Jorgan recognized his old commander and old leader of Havoc Squad, my Commando Kros.

Playthrough and Cinematics
SWTOR: Chapter XI “Disavowed” Playthrough (Light Side)          SWTOR: Chapter XI “Disavowed” All Cinematics (Trooper)
Best moments highlights
SWTOR – Reunion of two old friends (Chapter XI Highlight)         SWTOR – Jorgan’s Path to Major (Chapter XI Highlight)         SWTOR: What Kros thinks of Valkorion (Chapter XI Highlight) SWTOR: Lana’s angry reaction (Chapter XI Highlight)


The Dark side version of this mission presented the player with both interesting choices and frustrating moments. Continuing down the path, the chapter began with a casual conversation between my Warrior Skorks and Tora, one of my recruits with the topic being Koth’s recent departure from the Alliance.

Walkthrough and Cinematics
SWTOR: Fallen Empire Chapter XI “Disavowed” Playthrough (Dark Side)          SWTOR: Chapter XI “Disavowed” All Cinematics (Sith Warrior)
Best moments highlights
SWTOR: Tora’s speech after Koth’s departure (Chapter XI Highlight)         SWTOR: Jorgan meets the Emperor’s Wrath (Chapter XI Highlight)         SWTOR: Jorgan Defies the Emperor’s Wrath (Chapter XI Highlight)

JEDI KNIGHT (Light Side)

As expected, the Knight story with Vulkk showed the noble choices from all the dialogues. The Light is strong with this one, which caused Jorgan to be very happy with my decisions and orders. A lot of lives were saved on this day and many arguments were settled peacefully. For the good of the Alliance, and the Galaxy.

Walkthrough and Cinematics
SWTOR: Chapter XI “Disavowed” Playthrough (Jedi Knight)          SWTOR: Chapter XI “Disavowed” All Cinematics (JediKnight)
Best moments highlights
SWTOR: Jorgan meets Hero of Tython (Chapter XI Highlight)         SWTOR: A Jedi Understands Duty (Chapter XI Highlight)         SWTOR: The weird scene with Nico Okarr (Chapter XI Highlight) SWTOR: One.More.Word (Chapter XI Highlight)

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